The Promise of Newegg on Returning the CPUs and Motherboard after the YouTube Scandal: Twitter Newegg

In this article, we will discuss the tweets of Newegg on some issues of returning CPUs and motherboards. The organization of Newegg says we can replace the box of CPUs and motherboards without asking any single question from users. This is done after the famous YouTube hardware channel scandal. When the new egg sold the defective boxes of CPUs and motherboards to the people. Twitter Newegg is the most prominent hardware organization in today’s world.

Post of the Twitter neweggs

In a post on Twitter, Newegg, some valuable words are “the small number of hardware boxes cannot be returned before we are routed for returns. And e-waste recycling is done, then we sell the merchandise. And also say that they are unintentional cases and incidents of the scandal. And after that, they developed a considerable hassle-free process for the department handling returns. And they gave their words to the windows central that we added no questions asked return policy in the procedure.

Twitter Newegg

Gamers nexus case with Newegg

But the new things started after the gamers nexus blamed Newegg and posted a video in which they said Newegg scammed us. The subscribers of gamers nexus are 1.58 million. The editor in chief of the gamers nexus channel Steve Burke said that he purchased $500 boxes of gigabyte motherboards. But after that, he realized that he didn’t need those motherboards. And he said he never opens the motherboards, and he cannot open the shipping boxes. And he sent back those boxes to the Newegg.

But when Steve Burke knows that Newegg denies the request for return that he sent. And the company said the boxes were broken from the side of Burke. It would be ridiculous for Burke because he cannot even open those boxes. And Newegg cannot give their money back, but the company refunded his money when he tweeted on that case on a Twitter account of gamers nexus.

And after that, it cannot ends here, When Burke received his money back and then checked the boards, he uploaded one video on the unboxing of that board in which there are some bent pins on the sockets of the CPU. And Burke also examines that they have a dominant return merchandise authority sticker. When he calls the gigabyte, he knows that Newegg sends their board for repairing to the gigabyte. But gigabyte also tweeted their views on that video, and now Newegg always sends their damaged boards to their warehouse for repair.

After the whole accusations, Burke also tweeted that it’s not the first that Newegg scammed people. But there are several cases in which most people got scammed by Newegg. Most of the people reached out to Burke when he tweeted. And they said that Newegg doesn’t give their money back when they return their hardware items. But the footprint of gamers’ nexus case gives Newegg a considerable disappointment, and they changed their policies. And definitely, it is unfair to the people who cannot get their refund back.

After that, this case got viral on social media and Twitter Newegg trending. At that time, this was a massive issue for hardware enthusiasts. And they feel so ridiculous about the Newegg organization just because of their return policy. And there is the biggest question that got viral on social media. And the question is, “what can the regular hardware enthusiasts do in that situation if you are not a huge enthusiast organization”.

It’s not good for the reputation of the Newegg organization. They cannot specify their real point in that case, so it’s a ridiculous situation for the importance of Newegg. There is a lack of honesty in their tweets. After that, the policy changes, but the hardware enthusiasts’ trust cannot change. They cannot trust the Newegg organization now. Newegg should apologize for those issues to their customers.

Final words

So in this article, we are talking about the curious case of the Newegg scam and the company. Most people love to read the trending news on social media, and this has been a viral sensation topic on Twitter for the past few days. Newegg has been in the market for two decades, and it was founded in 2001. At that tune, Newegg only sold the small computer components, emphasizing the PC building movement in the world. And after that, they developed a cult of pc building for hardware DIY enthusiasts. So we are trying to cover all the points related to that case, hope you will like that.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What happened in Newegg’s shuffle?

Ans. The hardware enthusiasts can put their Newegg shuffle system on a timeout. It offers its customers a fair way to purchase their hardware products. If there is a shortage of their products, then it will be helpful for them.

2. How does Newegg shuffle last long?

Ans. There are two hours you have from when you pinged by Newegg to cough up the money. But if you are from the east coast, you have three hours from when you ping by Newegg.

3. What is shiba inu newegg?

Ans. Newegg is one of the first online platforms that accept payments in crypto. They will take payments from their customers in the form of cryptocurrency. First, they take in Bitcoin, and now they also bring in Dogecoin. And Newegg officially announced that they started Shiba Inu in November month.

4. Is Newegg an excellent place to buy from?

Ans. Newegg has a 3.4 stars rating of customers. In which most of the consumers are satisfied with their purchases. Most consumers are happy with their free shipping, great purchase prices, computer parts and Newegg best buy.

5. How long does Newegg take to ship?

Ans. Newegg generally takes 3 to 5 business days for delivering their common appliances. And max 7 to 10 business days for providing any major appliances.