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Top 7 Tik Tok Alternatives Try Now, For Android And iOS User

Enjoy Best Tik Tok like Apps

In this article, we are giving a walkthrough on the best TikTok alternative app for smartphones. Suppose you want to make some snappy and short videos and want to upload them on a platform like a tik tok. But there is a big issue: tik tok was banned. So don’t worry; you can upload your short videos on the tik tok alternative apps. Because tik tok is not the best in the game right now, most of the alternative apps are also there.

There are many apps similar to tik tok, so it’s time to check some alternative apps for the people who want to make their short videos. Most famous tik tok artists Or influencers have already shifted their content to alternative apps. Because after the disappearance of tik tok, all the influencers got stuck and worried about their job. But now they know how to shift their content to the TikTok alternative. So we are listing out some similar apps that are like tik tok. It would be best if you tried them at once.

Tik Tok Alternatives

Here we list out some fantastic alternative apps of tik tok :

1. Firework

You can easily use the firework application if you want to post your content or short videos with your fans. In this platform, creators can create content of many niches and genres like beauty, fashion, art, music, lifestyle, comedy, etc. You can make horizontal and vertical both modes on that best tik tok alternative.

The primary specialty of firework, which makes them different from its competitors, is that you can easily embed your content on your websites. Because they have their own exclusively designed web player for your videos, your website audience can directly see your videos instead of Redirection. If you want to make shareable video content for your website, it’s the best app for you. Download the App from

2. Jumprope

JumpRope is also an excellent alternative to tik tok. The main thing about this app is that you don’t need any expert-level editing experience for making the videos on that platform. You can easily create your content like cooking recipes, fashion grooming videos, makeup tutorials, and also make fitness tutorial videos on jump rope app.

The jump rope cannot give you complex effects or filters for your videos. The interface of the jump rope is easy to use. And it allows you to create videos in different sizes with advanced features. Download the App from

3. Dubsmash

Dubsmash was a similar app like tik tok, created by Reddit and made them the best free short video platform. Most of the significant influencer communities are available on dubsmash. On dubsmash, you can find amazing and unique talent. The algorithm of dubsmash is designed by Reddit so it will be awesome.

The main thing about dubsmash is that they cannot allow your location like their other competitors. It will allow you the best filters, effects, text visuals, and many more amazing features for making your short videos. Download the App from

4. Instagram reels

When tik tok was down, Instagram just dropped their new feature, which is Instagram reels. This is the best tik tok alternative app for the tik tok artists. Instagram is already a big platform, but after they start their feature is instagram reels, they are getting more popular because many people use that reels feature continuously. Most people make their short videos on Instagram reels and upload them.

The Interface of Instagram reels is not much more accessible. There is a robust music library and a complex array of effects for your short videos. When you create your video, there is an option for you to upload your story, feed, or you only choose that reel section. Download the App from

5. Chingari

Chingari is one of the best Indian tik tok alternative app. It is a free platform like a tik tok, and you can create and upload your short videos on it. The main thing is Chingari is available in different languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and many more regional languages. This is the speciality of Indian apps. Chingari gives you many unique features like chatting with friends, games, and news sections for the people. Download the App from

6. Triller

This is a similar app to TikTok, in which most of the standard features are available for users. And the main thing is triller is a very music-centric app like TikTok. Tiktok only gives you 15 seconds of music for making the video. But the triller will give you the whole song, and you have selected your desired 15 second part of the music. You can also choose your music from other apps like Spotify and Apple Music and export it on the triller app.

Generally, this is an AI-based app that gives you a quick editing experience of your videos. And the triller also provides an AI-based feature of adapting your movement with beats. We think this is the best alternative of tik tok.  Download app from

7. Youtube shorts

You already know YouTube is the biggest platform for content creators. Youtube is an excellent choice for the audience as well. So youtube created their feature youtube shorts for the short videos. The main thing is there are no restrictions for videos; you can create informational videos, study-related videos, vines, comedy, fashion, beauty, and show your art here. This is an entirely original platform for the artists. This is also the best tik tok alternative app for people. Download the App from

There are many other similar apps like tik tok are available you may like it.

  1. Clash
  2. Byte
  3. MuStar
  4. Snapchat
  5. Funimate
  6. Lomotif
  7. Cheez
  8. Vigo Video
  9. KWAI
  10. Likee
  11. Video Star
  12. VideoShow

Final words

So in this article, we are reviewing some outstanding Tik tok alternative apps for those who want to make their short videos and go viral. So we listed out the best alternatives of tik tok; just click on the link and download them. And gain the unique experience of creating short videos.