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Now you can spread your word and gain exposure among thousands of readers. Techcing.com presents an opportunity to talented writers and bloggers to showcase their writing skills by contributing guest posts.

Cause of the huge amount of free articles unfortunately we are not accepting free guest articles at the moment. Only PAID/SPONSORED articles are open for acceptance. You can send mail on [email protected] for inquiry about cost.

We accept sponsored posts on topics related to IT, Business and Technology. Here is a detailed list of topics:

  • Computing
  • IT
  • Small Business
  • Internet (Social Media, Blogging, Browsers, Design, Web Trends, Web Apps/Tools)
  • Gadgets
  • Security (Cyber security, Hacking, Malware, Privacy)
  • Software
  • Mobile & Wireless (Mobile Apps, WiFi, Smartphones, Tablets, VPN, Remote Access ,MDM)
  • Gaming
  • Cloud Computing
  • Tech Careers
  • Tech Certifications
  • CRM
  • App Development
  • Piracy

Your Advantage:

The question that is probably running in your mind at this stage is in regards to how you stand to benefit by writing for us? Well, along with a back link to your personal blog, you get instant access to a platform that boasts of high readership , regular submissions to keep search engines happy and a chance to promote yourself as a professional blogger.

Rules and Guidelines for Posting in Our Tech Site.

  • Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print.
  • We don’t accept spun articles and we will remove your article without notifying you if we later detect plagiarism.
  • You will not resubmit post to any other site or blog.
  • After publishing post, all rights of it are reserved by us.
  • If we reject your post then you reserve all rights of it.
  • Your post should be at least 500 words long.
  • It’s hard editing grammatical errors when it’s a little bit too much and your article may be rejected for this.
  • Do not insert the author bio or info about author anywhere in article.


How to Submit Post

  1. You can send your submissions as an attachment in .txt, .doc or .docx format. or html file to [email protected] or submit the form below.
  2. Please insert Meta title, Meta Description and Targeted Keywords in the post.
  3. Images and videos are encouraged, they make the article look nice and grabs the readers attention.
  4. Images width should be 600 pixels or less. Please send them as a separate attachment.
  5. Response time: Max 24 hours Mon-Sat. (We’ll respond in 20 minutes if you are mailing us between 11AM to 11PM IST.)