AMD Ryzen 5000 Processor Failures: Are They Really Not Working?

We’ve seen some concerning reports that AMD’s latest Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 processors, along with the X570 motherboards they use, may very well be affected by a high failure price.

PowerGPU posted a tweet – which has since been deleted – that claimed the PC builder ordered a lot of Ryzen 5000 processors, and a shocking variety of them were DOA (Dead on Arrival).

According to PowerGPU, of the 50 AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPUs it received, eight have been DOA. Out of 50 AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPUs, 4 have been DOA.

PowerGPU’s AMD 7 Ryzen 5800X and AMD Ryzen 5 5600X inventory additionally reportedly had excessive failure charges as well.

While a specific amount of faulty units is to be anticipated when bulk shopping for, PowerGPU’s numbers are worryingly excessive.

However, earlier than we go any further, it’s necessary to notice that this is an unsubstantiated declare from a single supply. It should also be famous that the unique tweet was deleted, which may imply PowerGPU has backtracked on its claims.

But, whereas PowerGPU has deleted its authentic tweet, it is still replying to different customers – a lot of whom are taking difficulty with PowerGPU’s claims.

The firm is additionally posting screenshots of the r/AMD Subreddit, the place customers are posting about their points.

How much of an issue is this?

While PowerGPU’s claimed numbers are excessive, different PC elements retailers and builders are claiming that the failure charges appear to be regular.

Hardware Unboxed requested some ‘major’ PC parts retailers in Australia, and have been informed the AMD Ryzen 5000 failure price was under 2% – which is around regular.

So, what’s happening here? As PowerGPU been unlucky with its excessive failure price? Hardware Unboxed suggests that it may very well be the fault of PowerGPU – both the CPUs have been wrongly put in or they have been combined with incorrect {hardware}.

Many different customers are suggesting that it is PowerGPU’s fault. However, it might have been fairly embarrassing for a PC building company to publicly name out AMD for one thing that was its personal fault – and by incorrectly building the PCs, no much less.

Perhaps that’s why PowerGPU took down its preliminary tweet. However, it is nonetheless replying to customers, so it doesn’t look like a whole climbdown.

It’s additionally noticeable that each PowerGPU and Hardware Unboxed tweets on the themes have folks replying that declare their have faulty CPUs, whereas different customers say they have not.

When it involves consumers, this shouldn’t make too much of a distinction, as PC builders will test out their merchandise before sending them out. PowerGPU claims that methods it constructed that have been discovered to have a DOA Ryzen 5000 chip had the defective chip eliminated and changed with a working one, so none of their clients will obtain a faulty product.

However, if the failure charges of this chips does end up being excessive, it means inventory of those processors – which is already very low – may change into much more scarce.

It’s a fancy image at the moment, and we’ve contacted AMD to seek out out what’s going on. We’ll replace this story as quickly as we hear back.