Use of Facebook as Real Estate Marketing

Micro blogging and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have added another dimension to the marketing. Every industry starting from automobiles, pharmaceuticals to retail and real estate have been tapping the potential of social networking sites. Real estate is a business that thrives on in person connections. However, it does not mean there is no need for agents to cultivate a social media presence. There are many apps available for realtors in the market. Since Facebook is the world’s largest social network, it is safe to assume that one can find prospective buyers there. Real estate consultants in Bangalore have been at front to adopt the strategy. Many form forums to discuss the new development in the market and to attract a substantial traffic. Canvassing is not only the domain of politicians. It is a practical method to learn more about the customers and audience. Many top real estate consultants in Bangalore improve their marketing strategy through online poll and surveys. It provides a great insight into the behaviour of customer.

Facebook as Real Estate Marketing

How should it be done?

One key strategy is to optimize Facebook real estate page multimedia listing photos. Just throwing animage of latest listing on the Facebook page is not enough. Instead, beautiful photos of real estate that emphasize the most striking areas of the home should be escorted by details concerning the listings asking for price, room totals, square footage and worthy features. A Real estate advisor in Bangalore can adopt such strategy to differentiate them from others in the market. At present majority follows the same set of actions on Facebook. A collage of photos emphasizing several attractive essentials of a listing as well as relaying informative content is more alluring than a particular photo minus the details. AReal estate advisor in Bangalore can also have an edge by putting qualityvideos of real estate. The video must engross the Facebook audience. It can be done by adding musical ques, graphical overlays, HD video quality plus an overall message and theme.

If the priciest listing offering plenty of services like swimming pool & tennis court, explain people indulging in them. Educating customersby visual contents has demonstrated to be beneficial for brands and professionalsin every industry. Hence extra efforts need to be put on creating attractiverecordings and imagery. Making use of the Facebook apps, aproperty dealer can hold contests, conduct polls and promote videos. These are some of the reasons Facebook apps are able to serve. There’re apps which allows for lead capture, one that can showcase reviews & even meeting scheduling apps that is a perfect way to get followers contact info into the inbox. Heyo, Wooboxand Pagemodo are few of the apps available. Property dealers can promote real estate Facebook presence in other facet of marketing. Ideally, to widen exposure to business page and increase page views is to hit publish. However, one needs to use other outlets to promote the content. Using Facebook’s ad platform is one of the premier ways to target the right people online and enhance the traffic to the website.

In Conclusion: Summarising, one can easily say that Facebook marketing can yield great dividends for real estate business. Whether advertising a new project or a property or clarifying details about existing property, marketing on Facebook makes the company look more responsive, reliable and up to date. Embracing Facebook marketing is the way forward for companies cutting across industries.