How Can Your Smartwatch Complement Your Smartphone

Smartphones have their loyal users and it is clear that smartwatches have not been created to force out their older relatives. Those wearable gadgets can rather have a complementary function, as assistants to omnipresent smartphones. Nevertheless, as smartwatches are being improved, they are being equipped with numerous independent options that can advance your life in a daily basis.

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Speak to save time

Replying to text messages can be a time-consuming and tiring process.However, with a smartwatch, you can simply use your voice to swiftly reply to the sender of the message and embellish the text you get with a sketched emoji. It is an incredibly useful option when you are in a hurry.

Shopping at wrist’s reach

Depending on the OS that your smartwatch is based on, you can download apps either from Google Play Store or Apple Store and enjoy the versatility of handy options those apps offer. For instance, you can buy things on Amazon via a special app or pay your bills via your smartwatch. Of course, the watch needs to be synced with your smartphone to do the transactions. However, new solutions are right behind the corner and soon your smartwatches will serve as your virtual wallets.

Smartwatch for smart fun

Instead of bringing your bulky smartphone around with you for a walk or a run or any similar leisure activity, now you can download music to your wearable gadget and have fun on the run. In addition to the download part, you also have to install an app that enables you to listen to music and organize your playlist. The easiest way to listen to music on the go on a smartwatch is by using Bluetooth® headphones. Here you can read more about enjoying music on your Android wearable.

Safe navigation in traffic motion

The great thing about smartwatches and smartgadgets in general is that they like being talked to. Thanks to the voice command option on smartwatches, now you can easily utter your directions into the watch and the navigation system will be informing you on the directions all the way to your desired destination. It is safer than a separate navigation device, because you do not have to look at it and that way you stay focused on the road. Besides, it is cost-effective, as well.

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Workout trackers or watches

One of the first advantages of smartwatches over smartphones was their runner-friendly usability, such as distance tracking, heartbeat rate measuring and other similar uses. Today, however, they are developing into multi-functional extensions of smartphones. Of course, they can still serve as a great gadget for your workout sessions, but if you need them only for that purpose, maybe opting for an ordinary tracker is a better option. Find out more about differences trackers and smartwatches here.

Staying informed

A great option that you can use on every Android smartwatch is staying informed about breaking news, weather conditions, road works and many other updates, thanks to Google Now cards. You can customize this option by setting what information you want to receive. By touching the watch and sliding the cards, you access the info you need at that particular moment.

Although the whole technology and philosophy behind smartwatches is still in the early phase, these gadgets can be useful on many occasions. That is why every tech enthusiast should try them and use all the benefits they have.