How to Set Up Spy WhatsApp on Any Smartphone or Tablet

Spy WhatsAppWhatsApp keeps on getting bigger, doesn’t it? Just a few months ago, they added the phone call feature, which has brought their number of users to a grand total of 800 million. And it’s only going to get bigger from there. It is a convenient, fast way of communicating with anyone, no matter where they are in the world. But it has also opened doors for a lot of negative communication. Bullies and predators on the lookout for sexual or financial exploitation come to mind. It is in times like these that setting up spy WhatsApp programs seem like the cautious step to take. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Install XNSPY

The first step to setting up a WhatsApp spy is to get the right software. XNSPY is a mobile monitoring app that works on any smartphone and tablet, so we’re going to be using that for this purpose. To install XNSPY, you’ve got to log on to their website and buy a suitable subscription. The premium package includes monitoring WhatsApp, so I suggest you get that one. Then, pick a payment plan (monthly, quarterly, yearly) and simply check out. You will receive complete installation guides. Follow them and set up XNSPY on your target phone. Now set up the remote Control Panel. This is where all the data collected from the target phone’s WhatsApp will be uploaded.

Step 2: Toggle ON WhatsApp

To start recording WhatsApp data from the target phone, make sure the “WhatsApp” switch on the control panel is toggled on. This bit is quite important because XNSPY has quite a lot of offerings so data is constantly being uploaded onto the control panel. To make sure you get the relevant data, you can use the features list to see which ones are toggled on or off. For the purpose of this tutorial, make sure WhatsApp is always on.

Step 3: Check WhatsApp Logs

On the control panel, you should be able to see a sidebar. This has a separate tab for every single feature XNSPY has. Click on “Messenger”. A drop down menu will appear. This contains WhatsApp—click on it. Now this is the tab where all your WhatsApp logs are stored. Be it phone calls made or received, text message sent or received, multimedia exchanged… all activities conducted on WhatsApp are recorded.

Step 4: Set Up Watchlist

Finally, you can set up the Watchlist feature for WhatsApp. This is quite a useful tool because you can use it to mark certain words or contacts and get alerts regarding those marked things. You receive a notification on everything you put on the Watchlist. Use if for suspicious contacts or words, or simply to keep an eye on certain things more than others.

All Done!

You have now successfully set up spy WhatsApp with XNSPY. By monitoring this app, you can ensure that the people you are responsible for are protected and no online disasters befall them.