5 Mobile Trends To Watch In 2015

This article explains that how in 2015 mobile phone trending in our lives. In this article we discussed the mobile payment phenomena increasing, how mobile payments will enter in its global stretch, how mobile apps have integrated in vehicles and are able to work offline.5 Mobile Trends for Payment

1. Mobile payments will grow as a local Phenomenon

In a short period of time, Apple pay and Boloro supports credit card that represents approx 90% of purchases that can be done in 220,000 outlets all over the world, from a national wide retailer to the nearest local neighborhood store. Consumers will be completely inclined to purchase low- value daily items and merchants will set the standard of the market and will be the one to watch.

2. Mobile payments increasing globally

It’s all about mobile payments now – said Natally Kelly vice president of marketing and Smartling. As a surge in global tourism is fueled more apps are being developed in 10 different languages being also supported with different currencies payment options to help customers who are always on move and those who are residents whom download apps in another country. Point here is mobile payment will reach to its global level of functionality.

3. Mobile peneteration in vehicles

Unruly trends of 2015 will not be just limited to the hand held devices. This technology have also find to a way penetrate in our vehicles. Today via GPS we can track traffic conditions, road blocks, new addresses and much more just sitting back in our driving seat. Sti- LipIEEE and engineering consultant says – ‘Heads-up display should roll out on some premium vehicles to display status, guidance and augmented virtual overlays on the windshield.

4. 2015 makes Mobile payments a big target

iOS will continue to see a steep increase in malware that will target both jail-break and non-jailbreak. Companies and customers both has to be vigilant enough and enable two-factor authentication in order to increase protection of their personal financial data and information

5. Mobile now helps engaging in new brands

Banks will more interact with you more like a Fitbit experience – your own device will indicate you how much cash you have at the start of each day or tells you how much loyalty points you have and how much credit card loyalty point you have to spend in the moment store, airport or in an event. Developer wills here feel intense pressure to cut back on building mobile apps with data that is unnecessary for core functionality. Developers recognizing this trend will be able to differentiate their apps in the sea of intense competition by offering better security and privacy then their competitors.