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Everything You Must Know About Instagram ADS

Social networks and platforms are now all about paid advertisements. Marketers crave having access to the closest possible screen of their users and communicate their messages to them. With the likes of Facebook and Skype having news feeds and on-screen ADS, the world’s most influential and popular network was not going to stay behind. Instagram, which started as the basic photo sharing app tool is now rich with user generated content. Over 70 million photos and videos are shared daily on Instagram and this creates an amazing opportunity for marketers to explore one more avenue for social advertisements and get their messages across.


It has been over a year now since the idea of popular or sponsored posts in some countries on Instagram took over. These photos were to appear on the explore page, what is termed as the news feed on Instagram. Now towards the end of September, Instagram is going to officially announce the introduction of paid advertisement, sponsored posts and the ability to provide feedback on those paid posts from users. For users, it might sound an added disruption in their use since they will not have these ADS right on the main screen, but for marketers, it is a terrific opportunity to get their messages right where the popular users are. Today’s blog will be talking about everything that you must know about the going to be featured Instagram Ads.

What are Instagram ADS?

The Instagram ad may look similar to the sponsored feeds that you get on your Facebook. The idea and the inspiration for these Ads is evidently taken from the Facebook platform only. The difference is that on the sponsored or paid photos towards the top right, where users generally see an icon stating the time picture was posted, that point will say something like “Sponsored”, this way users will be able to differentiate between a normal post and a paid post.

Why advertise on Instagram?

Since Facebook, Google and Skype, there has been a kind of halt in avenues to explore for advertisements on social media. Instagram comes as a refreshing avenue for marketers to communicate with the users in a photo and purely content based manner. The presence of a huge fan base, celebrities and more importantly, the activity and frequency of content shared makes it one of the most lucrative avenues for advertisement.

Who all can advertise on Instagram?

In order to save the clutter, Instagram has decided to take a step by step approach towards this new idea. First of all, the brands with a popular fan following and legit activity will be allowed to advertise and second of all, the advertisement criteria for now is only going to be available in the Western region.

Benefit of Instagram advertising

Instagram is different; its pure nature is based on nothing but sharing aspects of our lives through photos and videos. The communication messages will also have to be on the same lines. The benefits of Instagaram advertising are that it will challenge the strategists to design visually appealing content and also get instant feedback from users on their published content.