Use Mobile Technology to Increase Business Productivity & Profitability

When mobile-based business technologies come to academia as a topic of IT subject, students find it hard to write and present relevant information. Mobile technologies have indeed changed every aspect of our life, and business is one of them. This technology is continually changing and that’s why students have to carry out more in-depth research work on every aspect of technology. When they face problems, the smart students turn to essay writing service to get guidance and support to work on their writing tasks. Through this article, I will guide students on the use of mobile technology to increase business productivity and profitability.

Over the last decade, a fast growing trend has been seen in the demand for access to business information and applications by using mobile-based technologies, like the smartphones of iPhone and iPad, and many others. This immense growth of adoption of advanced technologies has been seen all over the world and there are many business managers who wondering how to position their organizations to take advantage of this trend in an effective manner.

technology to increase business productivity

Advanced mobile devices based on information technology (IT) can also transform the way your firm does business, new and innovative technological mobile devices and apps pave new ways how to work, how to develop products and services, how to market them and how offer them to your target market (customers). In fact, more sophisticated and state-of-the-art mobile devices have the potential to make your business team more innovative and creative, efficient, and valuable to your customers.

Day by day, businesses and managers are getting more knowledge about the approaches mobile technology and its apps can be applied to enhance their business performance and productivity, and ultimately lead to improve the level of business profitability. Check out the following some major areas in which mobile-based technology can be very helpful:

Networking & Communication

Advanced mobile-based technology now let the modern-day organizations to have an unmatched connectivitylevel between the staff members, vendors, and clients. Now, it is easy for employees to download innovate apps on their smartphones through which they are able to connect with others via many social media networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others; or the company can use other web-based apps that enable their employees and managersto direct communicate with their customers.

Moreover, the importance of real-time communication with the office is also very crucial to deliver plentiful business benefits, like efficient use of resources (e.g. human resource and their time), excellent live customer help service, and an extensive array of products and services offered. Behold the following examples:

  • Making influential presentations to the target market, and being fully capable of downloading product/service information to their network during the visit
  • Quotations and interactive order processing
  • Inspecting the levels of stock by the office network
  • Interacting with coworkersduring travelling, delivering and receiving messages via e-mail, making collaborations on responses to tenders, sendingon-time trip reports, etc.


As the nature of mobile technology is interactive, informationsharing process via this medium lets organizations and their managers to get customers’ speedy feedback on products/services offered by the company. This acceleration and accessibility is very effective as they have led to faster research and development for organizations, a crucial part of getting competitive advantage over the competitors. Moreover, organizations can also upgrade their products /services at a faster rate. Further,


Marketing is the most important part of business, which has been more improved with the advent of mobile technology. In fact, mobile-based technology has brought a new dimension into the domain of marketing and advertising for organizations across the world. Now, the prospect customers see the business advertisements on their smartphones that can be effectively done by using an extensive range of mobile-based marketing technologies, such as text messaging (SMS), mobile marketing websites, mobile apps, banner ads, and much more.

All these advertisements of products/services can be tailored to make an impact on your target market due to marketing software that “reads” the content you created for the official website or information people are pursuing on their smartphones. In fact, this customization has made marketing more effective, and because the existing and potential customers always have a smartphone, their exposure to product advertisements is enhanced.