TruSpy – Free Android spying software: Review, Specification and Features

Before getting in to the article, spying others activities is illegal and it is against the law. Using this application can cause you some problems. So use this application at your own risk.

Now getting to the article around 80% of human beings believe that the reasons for the problems facing by the teenagers are because of the use of mobile phones. Some of them may get addicted to porn websites and some may make relations with unknown people. Have you ever thought of mobile phones can rescue these people from above mentioned activities. That’s right by using a 3rd party application you can monitor each and every person’s activities. An android application called Truspy which is mainly used to monitor other person’s handset activities. The application is available for the iOS devices.

What is actually a Truspy is?

Truspy is nothing but a 3rd party mobile phone application which can be installed on a smartphone. By using this application you can watch out the events that takes place in a person’s mobile phone. Using this application you can track your phones location from anywhere even if the phones GPS is turned off. This feature is really helpful if your phone got lost or stolen. Other than this you can get a detailed information about the person’s contact information i.e. what are the numbers that a particular person is dialing from the phone also you can get the detailed information about the incoming calls.

The above mentioned activities can be done by logging in to the truspy account. If you are having a PC don’t worry those activities can be monitored by using a mobile phone with SMS facility. Sending a message to that number using a particular keyword can fetch the details. Also you can monitor the website that he/she is visiting using the phone. Along with this you can block that particular website without using the same phone.

One of the main feature that this application has compared to other app is that it can view the gallery of the phone. That is the photo taken from the phone can be accessed. In order to avail all these features you have to pay an amount. Different plans are available on the daily, monthly and yearly basis. Choose your plan and start spying others.

How to?

Forward to the truspy website. After that create an account by signing up in the site and choose your OS plat form since the application is available for both the android and iOS devices. After choosing the platform choose an appropriate plan the meet your requirements. Pay using your credit card. You can even use your PayPal account for payment purpose.

After all these check your mail for the apk for phone. Download the apk file and install it on your android phone. Launching the app will take you to the login screen. Login into your Truspy account and save what are the things to be monitored in the phone.

After doing all these all you have to do is to login in to your truspy through a PC and fetch all the details of the phone.