How to Exchange SLL for USD using VirWox

How to Exchange SLL for USD using VirWoxBitcoins is another decentralized digital currency which is getting popular day by day. Many newbies are entering into field of Bitcoins and due to lack of resources available, they get confused when it comes to transactions of bitcoins. I came across one problem of tranfering linden dollars [SLL] to my account today because I find things so complicated in VirWox, but after searching around web, I got answer of solution. I have tried to explain about how to withdraw linden dollars or SLL from your VirWox account to PayPal account. Before that you should see how to buy bitcoins with paypal instantly using VirWox.

Initially you have to login to your VirWox account and see your balance available in SLL. What you have to do here is you have to exchange your SLL with currency that you wish to withdraw, so here it may be USD or EURO. In my case, I wanted to withdraw linden dollars and my preferred currency was USD. So first step that you have to do is exchange your SLL with USD. You can get option of “USD/SLL” where you can exange all your SLL’s with USD within a second. You can see lot more tutorials related to bitcoins on our blog today.

Now as soon as you exchange your SLL’s to USD, change will reflect in your VirWox account instantly. Now next step is to withdraw these USD’s to your PayPal account. Now click on “withdraw” and choose your desired payment method. There are various methods like PayPal, Skrill, BTC or Bank Account Deposit are available, you can choose your preferred method. So now just enter amount of USD/EURO that you want to withdraw. As soon as you enter amount and hit submit, amount will be deposited to your preferred account. Note that this takes 48 hours to get this account in your account.

 So by this way you can easily withdraw SLL to your paypal account. For more tutorials stay tuned with us.