Quickly Find Your Best Hotel Booking Apps Android

hotel android applications


Hipmunk belongs to the fastest growing and simplest App. This App compares the best offer from various sites and plans your journey in its easiest way. One of its main attractive elements is the ‘Tonight Deals’. Through this you get up to 60% offer on hotels. Hipmunk is awarded as the Best App of 2013 from Google Play.

The bookings of hotels and flights are organised in a faster and simplest manner. Also provides the cheapest price on flight tickets. The layout provided for the flight status make it more unique and simple with Wi-Fi. All the hotels and flights are detailed with star rating. Apart from other Apps, Hipmunk provide Trip Advisor Reviews. This helps to compare the hotels in easiest way.

Another important factor is the Agony option. This feature provides you the cheapest flight with all the important details such as duration of flight, number of layovers. Hotels are shown in Map view. So that you can get the correct location of your stay. If you are interest in foods, nightlife, etc. turn on heat maps. This gives you the facility to fulfil your needs.


Kayak is one of the most famous travel applications from Android. It provides you to search hotels, flights, cars flight tracks, etc. this free app compares the best deals with various travel sites. Kayak is much useful because of its comparing facility. You can compare the flights, hotels and cars rental charges and details. If you satisfy in that deal, you can book it at the same time without much time. For flight customers you can track your flight status at any moment.

With the help of ‘My Trips’ in Kayak App, you can plan your journey and also manage it. Up to date airport information, airline numbers are available in this App. Also baggage fees are available. Kayak App is organised with list view interface. So that you can browse your desired need very easily. This App gives you regular notifications in regard of flight fare and availability via push messages. You get the travel details when you enter the desired type. It gives you the best offer.


To plan your journey in a beautiful way, then Expedia is the best one. For the best hotel deals Expedia Mobile exclusive gives you an offer up to 40%. For the Airline users, flight to anywhere in the world can be found in Expedia. Users get the list of hotels from cheapest to five- star category.

Instant booking on hotels and flights are available on this App. You can view the user reviews of the hotels that you are going to book. The list of hotels and flights can be sorted according to the fare, reviews and deals. Expedia app provides you regular alerts about your trips and on fares. Expedia App have a rich in colour display. Background display are excellent and it feels a better quality.

You can view the Map of the hotels that you are going to book. So that you can know the exact location of where you stay. Expedia is more fast and convenient. Since they are mostly concentrate on hotels and flights, user get more facilities from Expedia. It have the facility to search the flight by airport name, city or airline code.