Keep Your Family Home Safe with Your Android Smartphone- Home Security on Android

Android one of the most widely using operating system in the planet earth. As the operating system is open source the security is little bit on the weaker side. But using some of the 3rd party applications you can simply correct that this application we can use as home security on android. Take a look at the some of the applications which can be downloaded from the play store.

1) Mama bear: 

As the name indicate the application will care your family just like the mama bear cares them. The app is much suitable for the kids because in this tech world the possibility of getting in to the wrong hands is much large. By installing the application on the phone you can simply monitor your child’s activity through the phone. The application has the facility to notify the parents in order to pick the kid from the school. Also there is a facility to locate the child’s location by tracking the phone’s GPS signal. Also parents can get notifications if their child is accessing any of the unwanted websites.

2) Norton family: 

This application is developed by the famous Norton security solutions. The app is similar to other applications. You can monitor all the data’s and activities from other phone. You can block websites, monitor the text messages and the unwanted mobile applications. Make email alerts when he/she tried to access that he/she shouldn’t. Once the application is installed the person cannot find the application on the app drawer. It will get hidden unless you unhide it.

3) Screen time: 

The screen time is completely different from other family safety applications because the only thing it will do is monitor the wake up time of the Smartphone or the tablet. Also you can provide the time limit in order to use the device. Exceeding the time limit will lock the device by using a custom method that the parents setup while installing the application. Considering the other applications this app has got only a limited features but it is a good one for those who really cares about their family.

4) AVG family safety: 

This is one of the best security applications which is available on the play store. The application provides you all the features but you have to pay for it. This app includes all the basic features like website blocking, social media activity tracking, applications and time management. An additional feature compared to other applications is that it has profiles that has specific rules. Each profile is set to different age groups so only content according to the group will be displays. A free version is available with limited features. Try to purchase the premium version.

5) ME911 family safety app: 

As the name of the app indicates the application is specially designed for the emergency purpose. If you lost your wallet or lost somewhere else without knowing the place the app is here to rescue. All you have to do is to install the app from the play store and give the appropriate family information. In case of an emergency just open the app and tap the button. The application itself sends multiple messages to the numbers that you provided. Also the app has the capability to store all your personal records like pin number, passwords etc…