Three Android Apps for Traffic- Jammed and Urban Areas

Urbanization has its pros and cons. It raises the standard of living of people but population expulsion in cities have been a cause of concern for years. A consequence of both of these results in the eternal problem of traffic in every urban area. There are a lot of people in our cities and a large proportion of city dwellers are well-off and own private vehicles. Adding to this is the size of the luxury cars that enter markets. They are so good that it is almost impossible to resist buying them (provided you have the money).

Well, we have left no space in the roads. So what, we need to reach our destinations on time. But, how? Smartphones and teeny-tiny apps are our besties these days. Let’s see if they can help. Here are three cool apps that can be handy while we make our way through traffic.

Scout GPS Navigation & Traffic

We can’t beat traffic by simply looking at maps, can we? We need extra information. How about getting notifications about the conditions ahead? What if we could seek our friend’s help and plan our routes. What about planning hangouts with them at some nice restaurants on the way? All this can be made possible by making use of this app that has many useful features. We can see where our friends are and plan our journey accordingly. We can inform them if we are stuck or late. What more, we can even plan our journey. Scout is perfect thing to have on a journey.

MapFactor: GPS Navigation

Confused about which travel app to use in your country or region? This is a solution for all of us no matter where we live. And guess what? We don’t have to spend our valuable internet data while using MapFactor. All the maps are stored in our SD card. So, there is no need to connect to the internet every time the app is loaded. We can use this app in some cool ways too like creating favourite locations, evading some routes that we don’t prefer and many more. If someone lives in a country with strict speed regulations the voice alert about speed cams will be more than just useful.

City Traffic

Some people don’t like to hand over everything to the smartphones. They like to have all the control over their lives. They need an app that would say “Do it yourself” but provide everything you need to do the things. City Traffic is one such app. It lets you access traffic cameras set up at various locations in your city and analyse traffic yourself. If you feel the need for any help you can even synchronize the app with Google map. You can select a location and view the details regarding traffic on that particular location. Of course, you may add favorites, customize the app, know where the speed cams are and do many more.

Install your favorite one and have happy journey.