How to Make Your Email Etiquette Better: It’s About Manners

When we come to determine a person by its knowledge, ignorant and immature, we simply examine its interpersonal communication that helps us in getting what we want. When we come to Email Etiquette, we can’t control how other person perceives us. The Email Etiquette you create may affect the way others treat your mail. Recipient always look out at your Email Etiquette before responding to your mail.

To make better Email Etiquette, you need to know some tricks that may help your mail to be responded quickly.

  1. Think before Write: An Email is one way channel to communicate where you don’t get quick response. So it is better that you first decide what to write and how.
  2. Use of meaningful Subject Line: What the user sees at first glance is your Subject line what you have sent your message for.A proper subject line provides the user with the idea what you have to say. Without proper subject line, your email is look like a junk mail and probably it is deleted without looking over it.
  3. Proper use of beginning and Ending Salutation: Whatever you are going to write, always start your message with proper salutation either of Hi, Hello or Dear best according to recipient. Also always use your signature at the end of the message.
  4. Protect Identity of Recipient: One thing you should keep in mind is that you should protect your recipient identity. Always choose ‘To’ when you want to send the mail to only one recipient. When you need to send to more than one without knowing others who else is getting the same mail, you should use ‘BCC’ as recipient.
  5. Always keep a copy of your mail: It is not easy to remember every single conversation you have had with person, so you should keep a copy of mail and use that mail while going to write a new massage every time.
  6. Use the ‘Read Receipt’ Sparingly: Your every message should not include a request of read receipt because it annoys the person. Sometimes, it is better to use read receipt because every mail you sent, is not necessarily read out.
  7. Avoid Special Coding: Try to avoid special coding in your message as you use sometimes colored email by designing the font and make it pretty, is not good for mail if you want it to be read very quickly.
  8. Don’t shout at your Recipient: Had you used ever all capital in your mail? Yes!! Don’t use, as it shows you as a lazy person to use the proper formatting and all caps also make the text hard to read.
  9. Proper Formatting and Spell Check: Always use the proper formatting in your email to make it eye attractive and easy to read. With Spell Check, you avoid the chance to make the reader sick with your email.
  10. Don’t send if not allowed: Sending anEmail to a recipient who does not allow receiving any email for youmake your email quick delete and it may mark your mail as spam.
  11. Signature your email with Contact Details: Be sure you had signed your email with contact details so that the recipient may contact you back if needed. It also let the recipient know about you with Email Address, contact no. and Web Address.
  12. Summarize your Message: Do you think, scrolling throughout the pages to read a message is okay? I think, No!! Scrolling through pages to understand the discussion is annoying and consumes a lot of time of the reader. So it is better to summarize your message to read it better and complete.

Email is not just a message you have sent. If you don’t get back any response, then there is no mean of your email. With these trick and tips, you can avoid mistake and misunderstanding you do when you don’t want to.