MS SharePoint: Knowing About Its Advantages

SharePoint today, has emerged as one of the best performing products of Microsoft, delivering the first ever 2 billion dollar business to the company. It is believed that Office 365 and SharePoint would continue growing faster among midsize and small businesses across the world. There are various reasons behind the popularity of Microsoft SharePoint services. It facilitates worker collaboration and can be relied upon for security purposes as well. The fact that around 75 percent of the Fortune Companies are using SharePoint amply serves to prove the popularity of this platform.

In the course of the post we’re going to share some benefits offered by MS SharePoint, owing to which it has emerged as such a widely used web application platform.  Here’s a rundown on just a few of the several merits of MS SharePoint:


It becomes incredibly easier for organizations to minimize costs and risks related to Information Technology and for different project teams to access required information and collaborate accordingly. The array of the features offered by SharePoint viz, Extranets, Intranets, Websites, Advanced Search Functionality, Social Networks, Improved Business Intelligence, enables organizations (both the small and the large sized ones) to function on reduced costs without compromising on their quality of work. Here’s more on the merits of SharePoint:

  • The web application platform is customizable. Yes, its one of the biggest factors that renders immense flexibility to SharePoint. Your development team can either keep the features as they are offered or else work on custom applications with relative ease. When a web application gives you the freedom to customize it in accordance with your project needs, it becomes easier for you to deliver more effective results. The specific tools required for particular projects are made available in order to facilitate performance.
  • The presence of the Central Administration or the CA Console makes it easier for managers or administrators to control the SharePoint farms utilize all the application management systems, tackle security features, gain access to configuration wizards, perform restorations and backups, improve or update SharePoint or alter the usual application settings.
  • You’re able to integrate all your sites in one platform in order to blend internet, intranet and extranet websites. This would help you in pulling down your costs substantially besides aiding you to devise easier ways of accessing each of the sites.
  • SharePoint is secured both at the single and the broad item levels. You can easily protect your data from being utilized in an unauthorized manner. The teams working on different projects can be rest assured that relevant data included by the SharePoint cloud would be absolutely safe with zero chances of violations or unauthorized use. There are several ways in which the documents shared here can be protected. Make sure that you’re handling permissions to the lists, sites, web applications, documents and folders. You can make use of the settings that enables you to check documents before editing, check for the revisions and then turn the same into its original state, thereby making sure that your documents are well-protected.


Much as it becomes easier for you to perform multiple tasks with the help of SharePoint- like that of creating websites, customizing the application, sharing data etc, it is equally important for you to consult good SharePoint Solutions providers like Nexus, in order to acquire better control of documents from start to finish.