Laptop Accessories: Make the Most Out of Your Laptop

Your laptop is so much more than this portable computer that you open and close per need. In time, and especially if you are working from your laptop, you get attached to it and you want to improve it, make it better, make it nicer and before you know it – you accessorize. Not all laptops are the same and if there wasn’t place for style in the laptop industry, everybody would buy the same one or the most reasonable one. However, rarely anybody does so. Here are some of the accessories that you really need if you want your laptop to give you its best.


Battery Backup

Regardless how long your battery lasts, it is never quite enough. Therefore, one of the very interesting and useful gadgets that you need to slip into your bag when you are going to the trip with your laptop is the battery backup. It can be the battery of the same manufacturer, or some other battery that fits your machine.

Card Reader

While most of the laptops have built in card readers, like almost all of the latest and modern Toshiba laptops, there are the older versions that don’t have them. However, there are the versions of this device that can be bought separately and they are mostly plugged in by the USB port. They act as memory storage and they don’t really need any software or installed drivers to work.

Laptop Stand

You can have your laptop on your lap, but if it is a smaller version or you simply need to work for many hours, it will not work out well for you. Keeping it on your lap will hurt your arms and shoulders and that pain is just horrible and tedious. Therefore, there are many versions of the laptop stands that you can use at home and in the office to make your job more comfortable and turn your laptop into the desktop for a little while.

Universal Charger

The best thing about the universal charger is the fact that it comes with many attachments. It even has one USB port and the attachment that makes it compatible for charging during driving in your car. Not to mention that every single universal charger can be useful to you even when you replace your laptop with a newer model as it has attachments for almost all models and brands.


Port Replicator

More and more things today are plug and play and they get connected to your laptop by the use of USB ports. You can see how easy it is to run out of the ports for all the things you want to attach to your computer. New port replicators are now in USB 3.0 versions which makes them much quicker. By plugging it into your laptop, you get three more USB outputs.


Once you have all these cool things and accessories that make your laptop twice as useful as it was before you got them, you need a nice bag to pack all that. The inside of those bags is usually made of material that prevents scratches and the outside is made so that it prevents rain and other kinds of moist to reach the devices inside. It is obsolete to talk about the design of these bags as they are really made in remarkable number of styles and designs.

While you enjoy your laptop and all the cool perks that these accessories bring, you need to remember that one of the best parts about them is that you can keep them even if you replace the laptop and continue using them with your new model.