Dealing with IT Outsourcing Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Harder than Ever Decisions

Although it might seem that outsourcing is an easy decision, it requires a lot of planning and careful consideration so that you do not make a mistake when signing the contract. Furthermore, now than ever, outsourcing comes with a lot of complicated risks; which is due to multiple sources of outsourcing. Because there are outsourcing companies which rely on other outsourcing companies, it is sometimes hard to determine, and resolve an issue which arises; and this increases the likelihood of something going wrong.


Business Process Outsourcing Dangers

A general BPO is filled with risks and dangers that can really hinder and negatively influence your business if not handled in a timely manner. In order to reduce operational business outsourcing risks, it is vital that the outsourcing company realizes the problem factors in time so that the necessary actions can be taken. Fortunately, a personalized plan for each business is required to make the outsourcing company even more reliable, and to reduce the included risks to a minimum.

Confidentiality and Privacy Risks

It is already hard to secure a business so that the outside does not pry open private and confidential information. But it is even harder to do so when IT outsourcing is involved, as the third party included can leak confidential information. Luckily, security measures and an increase in safety protocols can be initiated; and it should be part of the deal when signing and outsourcing contract. However, it is important to regularly investigate security measures in order to stay safe and secured.

Business Continuity Threats

Your business has to be aware that there are certain situations and possibilities which cannot be controlled, but it can be mitigated. When outsourcing, it is imperative that you develop a mutual risk management and business continuity plan so that you can secure your business if anything might go wrong. Furthermore, a cleverly put together safety plan can ensure that the outsourcing company fulfills the necessary security measures and becomes more reliable for future contracts and deals.

Risks of Compliance and Co-operation

Making new relations and partnerships with new companies and maintaining and strengthening old partnerships will require that your business stays viable and approachable. However, when you are outsourcing, you are representing both your company and the hired company. If anything were to go wrong, it will be your company to blame. To mitigate this risk, it is vital that you keep up good communication with your outsourcing companies so that you can work on mutual relations and eventual plans if anything were to go wrong.

Risk Assessment Management

While it is important to realize and analyze the risks involved with outsourcing, it is also crucial to find ways which will help you mitigate eventual damages so that you can avoid them in the future. Furthermore, assessing risks should be part of not only your company’s general activities, but also your outsourcing company’s as well; and it would be even better if you could develop a mutual plan for risk management and assessment. After all, the general interest of better cooperation is at steaks and it is in best interest of both parties to find a mutual solution.

About Author: Dan Radak is web hosting security professional with tenyears of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a co-author on several technology websites.