Social Media

Beneficial Tricks for Social Media in Business

Many people say that the only thing social media serves for is wasting person’s valuable time. But is it really that simple? It is true that spending hours reading the news feed, looking at other people’s pictures, reading their statuses, and listening to the music they posted is a bunch of useless actions. But a good and observing businessman might use this state of affairs to his or her advantage, as social media marketing is the best way to put yourself and your product out there. If you aim for this type of advertising, there are a couple of facts you should get familiar with, so you could build the best marketing strategy.


When Is The Best Time Leave a Post?

There is always someone logged in on their profile, scrolling up and down and checking out most recent updates. However, if you want to attract attention and reach out to people, you need to know when do people spend most time on social networks. Recent analysis shows that Friday is Facebook day, so whatever you need and want to post, do it on the fifth day of the week, and you are bound to attract more likes, and thus, publicity. When it comes to Twitter, as recent reports show, most likes and retweets were received late in the evening, So think hard, come up with an interesting catchphrase, and let the magic happen.

What To Pay Most Attention To

Once you decide to post something on any social network, do not take it for granted and just update anything. Think carefully what you are about to write, and what kind of picture is going to follow the text. A research was conducted with Social Media Examiner, and the results were somewhat surprising. Despite what some might think, the contact is more important than the picture, and if you ask other successful marketer or social media agency in Melbourne, they are all going to tell you that written content trumps visual.

However, that does not mean that you should neglect the power of the visual image, as it is what attract attention. This is especially important on Facebook, where your post or an advertisement needs to stand out from all the other interesting photographs that appear at the same time.

Another thing you need to think about when deciding whether to concentrate on the content or the image is who your target audience is. If you are aiming for the younger generations, then choose big, colorful and flashy image, whereas more mature customers will concentrate on reading what you have to say about the product itself. But remember, image is still there to make the first impression.


When to Act Again?

You need to be active on social networks, but do not go overboard. Interesting fact is that one post attracts most attention in first five hours, so you can use this information to your advantage. Every couple of hours, think of new and interesting posts your followers might like, and be sure to track their activity.

There is obviously so much more to social networks than we might think, and instead of just using it to track other people and what is going on in their lives, make them follow you in order to promote you and your business.