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Different Features of Android Smartphone

Wireless technology is advance rapidly with the competition of big mobile producer companies. Smartphone is one of the popular wireless technologies that enhance the features of mobile phone. There are millions of people uses different smartphones. These phones have more advance features that are not available in old cell phone. Personal digital assistant is one of the best functions that are available in these phones.Three Android Apps for Traffic- Jammed and Urban Areas

Smartphones normally contain features for example web browsing, multimedia, and e-mail capabilities. All these phones have keyboard that fully featured, Geo Positioning Systems andMP3 player. It has also a best feature of instant messaging.


This is a Google product. There are many best features are available in Android.

Multitasking: it provide a platform multitasking application with unique managing of memory distribution, is presented.

Screen capture: It has great capability to capture the screenshot through the use of volume button.

Messaging:  With SMS and MMS feature, it has new messaging feature which name is Android Could To Device messaging and now with the enhancement of these technologies, the new version of messaging is Android Google Could Massaging.

Web browser: It gives best browsing facility in which people can easily browse anything that they want.

Multi-touch: It has a functionality of multi- touch system that is a necessary part of luxury mobiles.

Video calling: People can easily talk with our relatives and family through Google talk.

Voice based: It provide a features of texting, calling and navigation through your voice action.

Multiple language support: This device is support different multiple languages.

Connectivity: It provides platform in which you can easily connect with different devices such as Wi-Fi and Blue tooth.

Media support: It has fully supported to video, audio and still media.

These are the features that are very helpful according to the need of different people. Business man use this device for our business purpose in which he easily note daily work. He also connects with different people all over the world for business purpose through this device. Whenever he needs any information regarding business then he easily find anything with the help of browser. If he need video conferencing then this device is also provide this facility through video calling. Students use this device for the reason of learning; keep data with us and many other valuable features that are useful for study purpose. Almost every person who uses this Android phone, they are socializing through different channel that easily run in this device.

Now in 2014, the demand rate of Android mobiles is high. This smartphone are very stylish and user friendly.

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