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5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Realize You Could Do With Apps

Today, most of us would be lost without our smartphones and tablets, we rely on them for a lot. For many of us, our smartphones are our watches, our cash machines, and our organizers, among many other things.

We love our smartphones more than any other device we have, and that’s purely, because we know how much value they have. Of course, the main reason our smartphones are so useful to us is because of the wide variety of apps available for them.

With thousands of apps to choose from, there really is an app for almost everything. From exercise apps to apps for business building, there are apps for everything. With so many apps available, there are probably thousands that you didn’t even know existed, until now, that is.


To give you an idea of some of the amazing things you can do with apps, we have put together this simple guide, below:

  1. Create a digital copy of your keys

Getting locked out of your home is not a nice feeling, especially when it’s late at night and you know calling out a locksmith will be pricey. But now there’s no need to worry because you can create a digital copy of your keys with your smartphone.

That’s right, there’s a key scanning app called KeyMe that allows you to create a digital copy of your keys by taking a picture of them. With the digital copy of the key, you have made you can then pop to a KeyMe kiosk or apply through the mail, to get a new copy of your keys sent out.

  1. Send yourself quick emails

This might not sound like anything special, but the MeMail app is genius. The app is basically a digital post-it note app that allows you to send quick email notes and reminders to yourself with just one click.

If you are one of those people who always have bits of paper scribbled with important notes, then the MeMail app is perfect for you. Being able to send yourself an email reminder in a matter of seconds, instead of having to write a note out is much more time efficient.

  1.  Find your way around new places

Have you ever been visiting somewhere new, when all of a sudden your internet cuts off, and you are stuck with no SatNav and no idea where to go? Yes – then you will be pleased to know that there is an alternative option for finding your way around.

The CityMaps2Go Pro app can be downloaded when you have no internet and contains maps of all the world’s major towns and cities. The maps are all zoomable, so even if your SatNav gives out, you can still find your way around.

  1. Prevent spammers from contacting you

If, like us, you are sick and tired of being contacted by spammer after spammer, then this might be the perfect app for you. Receiving spam calls isn’t nice, especially when they interrupt your day. Luckily, with this phone book app, CallSmarter, you no longer have to.

The app can be used to scan calls to see who is calling, including the full name and location of the company or individual. You can also use the app to research suspicious numbers that have called you and can see what other users have said about the number.

  1. Manage your emails

Boomerang is an app that works in conjunction with Gmail and can be used to keep track of your emails and manage them successfully. The app has all sorts of features, including sending you a notification when you haven’t received a reply to an email.

There are so many amazing things apps can do; these are just a few examples. With so many fantastic apps on the market, it’s no wonder that we love our smartphones so much.