Wondershare MobileGo for Android: A Good Android App Manager

Android’s play store one of the vast application store. It has got all types of applications in different genres. All of us will be looking for a best android manager application which can manage all the features of an android phone. But choosing the best is really difficult especially for the newbies. The only option you got is the WondershareMobileGo android manager. Here is a quick review about the MobileGo application.

What is WondershareMobileGo?

The MobileGo will be acting as the PC suite for the phone that we use for backup purpose. The application can back up all your data’s from the android phone. Also you can restore the backup data in to the phone by a single click. Data include  music files, video files, application files (APK), and the contact’s backup.

Features of MobileGo

1) Manage media and  files

You can manage all the files on the phone by simply plugging your phone to the PC via USB cable. After plugging the PC, launch the MobileGo PC software and wait for the PC to detect the phone. Then simply drag and drop the files on the window in order to copy the files from both to the PC and to the phone. Wireless connection is also possible.

Another important feature in the application is that you can convert all your music and video files into all the famous formats like mp3, mp4, mkv, avi, jpg etc.This can be done using the PC software and simply share it in to the phone. Got any iTunes play list and not able to sync it with your android? don’t worry you can sync all the music from the iTunes directly in to the android phone. Just launch the app and tap import button and give specified details.

2) Manage phone and other contacts

The best way to manage all the contacts in the phone is through the WonderShare MobileGo application. The MobileGo application can access all the contacts in both the phone and SIM card. Along with this you can simply import all the contacts from the outlook, live accounts. After importing you can edit them using the application. Adding new contacts is also possible using this application. Once added the contact gets automatically synced when you connect the phone to the PC.

3) Manage applications

One of the time consuming task in the android phone is to manage applications. But using MobileGo it is one click away. You can back up all the applications in .apk format and transfer it later to the device. Installing applications on to the phone memory will make the phone slower. You can move applications to the SD card by a single click for applications which supports app2sd function. Also you can uninstall the applications in the phone in order to speed up. The MobileGo application got its own application store. So that you can directly download the applications on to the PC and later transfer it to the phone.

As one word definition about the application the WondershareMobileGo application is the best android manager if you are looking for one.