WixStores- Online Web Stores for Small Businessmen

Small businessmen can once again dominate in the business world, all thanks to WixStores. WixStores introduces its new eCommerce platform which helps you to spread your wings and face the competitive world. WixStores is an extension of Wix.com, which is a free website builder.

With WixStores, you can power your online store. It serves as a platform that offers an eCommerce website online. I am sure you feel that you don’t know what coding is all about. If you do, then you have come to the right place because prior knowledge is not necessary. Wix.com is not just a website creation tool. It is also an eCommerce website building platform.

WixStores1WixStores is simple to use. It has various features that have a definite edge over other online store builders. Now, if you are interested in having a web store online, I suggest WixStores because it is the best choice to help build an online web store.

Wonder why?

It is affordable and fast. You can also move with technology with an online web store.

Perks of Wix.com, the free DIY website builder:

  • com is a free website builder. It offers free hosting.
  • It is highly flexible. Its HTML5 drag-n-drop menu makes it easy to insert content and images on your website. You can design objects in your page.
  • It has more than one hundred colorful and attractive templates. The user can choose as per their requirements. Its professional looking template provides you with an online web store that has a very appealing design.
  • To display your products, you have product galleries. To educate customers, you can set separate product pages for each item, so that you give more information about your products. The product page will just jump up when you click on a product through your product gallery.
  • To accept payments, you can do it online through Paypal, Authorize.net, etc. and you can also do offline payments.
  • A mobile optimizedversion of your site is automatically generated by Wix.com. The same goes for when you create your online store. A mobile optimized version of your store will be automatically generated to mobile friendly.
  • When creating your site, you can also include other supporting features to your site like FAQs, help center, email, forums, phone calls, and more.


If your requirement is an official and professional eCommerce website, then WixStores is your top choice. What’s more,YOU are going to design your own website. The best part of WixStores would be the coupons. You can set prices and you can add coupons. You can take even determine the tax and shipping prices, which will automatically be implemented into your store.

Growing your website

When creating your site, you are provided with the Wix.com App Market, which gives various tools that help to grow your website that are highly advanced. The Wix app market is an added benefit, because you can add a huge load of apps like tools and other services to your site. You can enhance your website with them and build a web store that functions better and has more appeal.

What’s more?

You have other advanced features like live chats, testimonials, newsletters, contests, etc. There are no installation hassles as you get them with just a click.

WixStores: It’s easy!

Creating an eCommerce website using WixStores:

You can create your own website using a unique interface. Through a simple administration area, you can operate an online eCommerce store. The maximum time for this will not exceed half an hour.

  • You first have to register on the Wix.com official website. To do this you click on a purple colored buttoned market marked ‘Sign Up’ or the ‘Sign In’ which is found on the right top corner. All you need to do is to type in your email address and a unique password. You then confirm it. The registration process is simple and quick.
  • Now that you have registered, you have to log-in to your account. Then you follow the panel and select the category that is related to your eCommerce website. You have the option of picking multiple categories when you click on the GO button.
  • Now you get to the interesting part. You can pick from the templates that is most attractive and good for your website. You have multiple options to choose from. However, keep in mind that premium packages, which include WixStores are the VIP and eCommerce packages.

Wixstore Premium Plan

WixStores trial

You can test out WixStores for free. In other words, go ahead, and build your store, enter in your products, add images, and more.All of this is free, however, when someone wants to put in an order you’ll need to purchase a premium plan. You can choose between the VIP or the eCommerce plan, which include the WixStores premium package.

You can test it and use it. Once you know what it is all about and how you can use it and become technologically efficient, you can pay for it. You can then get to have an eCommercewebsite that is yours and your very own for a very little payment. You become technologically creative without even knowing about coding.

Of course there are various package levels and prices. Two varieties of the eCommerce plans are

  • VIP
    • Yearly is $24.92 per month
    • Monthly is$29.90 per month
  • eCommerce
    • Yearly is $16.17 per month
    • Monthly is $19.90 per month

Small Businessmen, please note:

Now any small businessman can create and manage an online web store. You don’t need to have prior knowledge as it can be managed easily. You just need WixStores, which serves as a good platform. You can generate a mobile version very easily and automatically that will look great on any mobile device.

The best part about WixStores is the touch of humanity. You can send personalized thank you notes to customers and even send coupons to newly registered users automatically.