The Top Uses for Wearable Technology

One of the biggest breakthroughs in recent times has come in the form of wearable technology. It is in the process of transforming many different tasks and industries, and this is going to increase in the future. Here are the top uses for wearable technology right now.



Workplace safety is a big deal for employees and employers alike. Nobody wants to get hurt when they are doing their job. And no employer wants to be responsible for someone getting injured on their premises. In places like warehouses and building sites where there are lots of hazards, wearable technology is offering a solution. Workers can now wear clothes that are fitted with sensors that warn them when something is heading in their direction. This has the potential to dramatically reduce accidents at work.


Events have always been difficult to manage because of the large amount of people gather in one place. For events that are ticketed, making sure that only people who have paid can get in is an issue. Nowadays, wearable technology can be used to allow people in an out of an event after they have paid. Companies like NFC direct produce wristbands that serve this function. It helps to protect event organisers from losing money and allows them to stay in control of the event. That’s very important, so the use of wearable tech at events will only increase in the future.


There are so many body sensors that are used in the healthcare industry. This is where wearable technology is taking off like nowhere else. Even things like sleep quality and sleep patterns can be monitored with this kind of technology. And that’s just one example of many. Anything from temperature and UV exposure to respiration rate and brainwaves can now be monitored. This is offering the healthcare industry all kinds of opportunities that were never possible in the recent past.


Many people who work out regularly now use wearable technology to measure what they’re doing. That could mean measuring how far they run or how many steps they take during a day. It can also be used to measure your heart rate while you are undertaking exercise. Another way in which wearable technology can be used is to track progress over time. If information is stored in the cloud, it can then be accessed, and you can see how your fitness levels are improving or not improving as the case may be.

Policing and Security

Some police forces and security companies are now using wearable technology to aid them on the job. There is a number of ways in which it is being used. For example, police can now wear smart glasses that give them information instantly. They also enable public encounters with the police to be recorded at stored. This is useful from two points of view. First of all, it makes sure that police are accountable for their actions on the job. And it can also help to identify suspects at a later date.