Top 7 Features for A Taxi Dispatch Software in 2021

In this article, you will learn more about taxi dispatch software and its top 7 features. Going back in time, there weren’t any apps to book your taxi. You have to keep on asking driver after driver to know whether they would take you to your destination. Time used to fly by while waiting for a taxi. But now, the developed technology transformed the way we commute. We have apps for everything ranging from food delivery to transportation. While these apps have eased out the processes for us, have you ever wondered what goes into the making of these apps? Managing the drivers, customers, their locations is a humongous process. With countless things to manage, there is a need for a system that keeps track of all the requirements. Dispatch software is that system that keeps track of all the requirements. It forms the vital part of the Transportation Management System. With just the right system, your company can streamline the dispatch management process and boost efficient ways to provide top service.

What is a Dispatch Software?

Any service requires a management system that gives the service providers a better way to handle and manage their employees on the field. Dispatch software is that digital tool that makes the dispatchers(service providers) deliver their services efficiently, with maximum customer satisfaction. This management includes finding a job for the employee, routing them to the job location and tracking their movements. The dispatch software eliminates the labor intensive process of log keeping, which involves assigning the employees their duties. They even help in automating routes and scheduling processes. With this tool, dispatchers can get a better look at the working of their employees and their schedules. This all adds up to saving more time, increase in productivity and helps deliver a better user experience. This also eases the expansion of the business in the future. So, how to choose the best taxi dispatch software? With so much competition out there, it is necessary that the software you use gives you an upper hand in the market and increases your business. In the upcoming session, we are going to learn more about the top features of best taxi dispatch software.

Top 7 Features for A Taxi Dispatch Software
Top 7 Features for A Taxi Dispatch Software in 2021

Here are the top seven features of the best taxi dispatch software

#1. Ideal Admin Panel

An ideal admin panel is a centralized authority that connects passengers with the drivers, collects the details of both the passenger and the diver. It also stores the data regarding the trip, customer feedback and transaction which can later be used to improve user satisfaction. This helps in the betterment of the services and may lead to expansion of the business.

#2. Mobile Application for Driver and Passenger and  Effortless Signup Process

Smartphones are becoming a common commodity. So an app that can be used on it, greatly increases the convenience of the user in availing the service and that of the driver in connecting with the passengers.

The sign-up process is to be made user-friendly and hassle-free. This makes the application alluring to use. This process includes the collection of the basic information of the consumer like his name, mail id, username and password and contact details.

#3. Booking flexibility

The user can have a full control from deciding the type of cab to ride on to deciding whether to share the cab with someone. The user can also schedule the cab way ahead to avoid last minute rush and time-bound booking. The user should also be given a complete map of their journey and a feature to track their live location. The app should also be able to detect the demand on the route and show surge in the price.

#4. GPS Tracking and Emergency Button

One of the best features is the ability to track the cab for the user and the user for the driver. This is made possible with the use of a GPS based tracking system. This also shows the expected time of arrival of the taxi.

The app should come with an emergency button, so that the users feel safe while boarding the taxi. If they feel that something is suspicious with the driver they can press the emergency button.

#5. Complete Ride details

One needs to identify their cab and verify that it is really they who booked the cab. To facilitate this the app should be able to verify the details of the driver and the details of the cab. Sharing the details of the driver including name of the driver, contact details of the driver and his performance, gives the user a sense of security and trust. To identify the cab, its color, type and current location must be shared. The driver should also be provided with details of the user for identification. Mostly, the driver verifies the user through an OTP that is generated during the booking of the taxi.

#6. Payment System Integration

With the world gearing up with digitization, integration of e-payment offers an attractive feature as an add-on. It greatly makes the transactions seamless and one needn’t worry about the availability of the exact cash. But in dire situations, having the flexibility to resort to the old way of paying through cash would be great. Users should be given an option to decide the mode of payment.

#7. Ride Feedback

Okay, the ride has finished. The passenger had some issues with the driver or the driver had some issues with the passenger. This dissatisfaction in the service offered would be a great roadblock in the progress of the business if not noted down and worked upon. So an option of capturing the feedback helps the company to understand the level of customer satisfaction.

At the end of the ride, both the driver and the passenger get to give their feedback.

All the above mentioned features are very much necessary for the success of the business. Hope this post helps you in choosing the best taxi dispatch software.