The new definition of driving with Maruti Celerio

Maruti launched its new hatchback Celerio at the Delhi Auto Expo just two months back. It is one of those handfuls of models which is clocking 10.000 bookings a day and is taking six long months to get delivered. The Chairman of Maruti Suzuki RC Bhargava is of the opinion that if this scenario continues, then Celerio might surpass the popularity of Alto as the best-selling car of India, also from Maruti.



Before making this car an option to buy the specifications should be checked. The technical specifications of Maruti Celerio are

  • Engine– Celerio has a K10B, aluminum, 998cc engine. The number of cylinders is 3 and the number of valves in each cylinder is 4. The engine gives a maximum output of 68 ps/6000 RPM and a maximum torque of 90Nm/3500 RPM. It has an electric accelerator pedal and the emission standard type is BS4+OBD II.
  • Transmission– 5MT, auto gear shift transmission.
  • Suspension system– Celerio comes with McPherson Strut along with a coil spring front suspension. The rear suspension is made up of Coupled Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Spring.
  • Weight– The Kerb weight of Maruti Celerio is 810 kgs and the gross weight of the car is 1250 kgs.
  • Capacity– The seating capacity is up to 5 persons. It can also take luggage weighing 235 liter and a fuel tank capacity is 35 liters.
  • Dimensions– The overall length, width and height of the car are 3600mm, 1600mm and 1560mm respectively. The wheelbase measures 2425mm and it has a minimum ground clearance of 165mm. The minimum turning radius is 4.7M and the front and rear tread are 1420mm and 1410mm respectively. It also has an electronic power steering with ventilated front disc brake and drum rear.

What makes Celerio the most desired hatchback? 

Maruti Celerio comes with some unique features which makes the car a hot favorite among the buyers within a very short period of time. Experts are of the opinion that Maruti is going to have another winner on the cards. Some of the unique features of the car are-

Auto gear shift

This is one of the most unique features of Celerio which has set the market on fire. Designed for those driving for the first time, the EZ Drive Technology is here to provide one with the revolutionary Auto gear shift feature. With this feature, there is no need of changing gear every time on the highways or even pressing the clutch pedal. This auto shift facility along with an incredible mileage gives an all new driving experience with the Maruti Celerio. The electronic control unit runs the precision hydraulic actuator which controls the clutch management and gear shifting. The clutch and gear, operations also happen at optimal timing. It is called an automated manual transmission by Maruti because the gear function is simple and it does not have a clutch pedal.


The advanced technology of the Celerio delivers a best-in-class fuel efficiency and this also gives us a peppy drive. Starting from ignition till the end the Celerio offers a one-of-a-class driving experience. The K-next engine has a Drive-by-Wire technology apart from a Flatter Engine Torque which results in a peppier drive. Other attributes of the car leading to fuel efficiency, are reduced frictional losses, optimized compression ratio, re-designed springs and valves and low viscosity engine oil. With all these the drivers now can enjoy better torque delivery, faster throttle response and above all fuel efficiency. The drive-by-wire technology mainly leads to high responsive drives and better torque delivery. The next generation, transmission technology improves fuel economy by reducing mechanical losses. This also helps in effortless gear shifting, which reduces noise in the car.

Fuel Efficiency

Maruti Celerio delivers fuel efficiency of 23.1km/ liter even with its automatic technology. So, it can be said that Celerio offers the ease of an automatic driving with high fuel efficiency. Most of the Indian consumers are mileage conscious and Maruti have been serving their interest for decades. Celerio is a new addition to the fuel efficient models in the market and is ready to grab the first place in the competition with its other smart features.

Style and space

The look of Celerio as designed by Maruti is not only stunning but practical too. It has a unique Curve in Curve out (CICO) styling which makes it a fascinating model. This thrilling new design of Celerio has made it aerodynamically better which exudes energy. The ORVM-turn indicators, alloy wheels, the front fog lamps and the sweeping wave dash design also add to its charm. Besides the wonderful interior, the intelligent interior is also worth mentioning. The smart utilization of space inside the car gives us a roomy cabin with spacious legroom, shoulder room and headroom along with a larger boot space compared to the other hatchbacks from Maruti. The 60:40 split flexibility of the rear seat is known as XpandDesign which increases the luggage carrying capacity. The curved dashboard and the other interiors give the cabin a premium and classy look. The interior also has 15 smart utility spaces. Celerio comes in seven different colors. It also has an integrated audio with Bluetooth connectivity and a multi-information display.


The starting price of Celerio is INR 3.67 lakh and the version with the automated manual transmission comes at INR 4.14 lakh. If a comparative study is made in between other hatchbacks of leading automobile companies, it will be seen that Celerio comes at a much affordable price. In the hatchback sector Ford’s Figo starts at INR 3.86 lakh, Hyundai’s i10 stands at INR 3.87 lakh and General Motor’s Chevrolet Beat stands at INR 3.92 lakh. So, the affordable price of the Maruti Celerio makes it all the more popular.

After sales service

Spare parts of Maruti are available in any leading automobile shop at any nook and corner of a city. Maruti also has a wide network of service centers, which makes many buyers choose Maruti over other companies.