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Is Your SEO Agency Helping Or Harming Your Firm?

There is no doubt that you need an SEO professional to exploit the benefits of search engine optimization. However, the question is not whether they are necessary, but whether your SEO firm is necessary? It is possible that the agency that looks after you is not the right agency and you should switch. But, how are you supposed to know who is right and who is wrong? The list below should help you decide whether your firm is doing a good job or whether they are taking you for a ride.

Harmful: They Have Nothing To Show

The whole point of hiring an SEO agency is to get results. You hire them to use their skills to help expand your business, and they get paid in return. It sounds like a good deal, and it is when they do it properly. However, when the agency takes you for a ride, they will have nothing to show for all the time and money you invest in their services. Or, they may just be providing you with services you could provide internally. Either way, they are taking the money they don’t deserve that could be put back into the firm.

Helpful: They Have Recommendations

On the other hand, Cefar is an agency that you can trust because they are proactive and offer recommendations. As they are good at their job, they understand that you want them to point out the problem areas and the ones that need to improve. For example, they might come to you and say that you need to improve your search marketing techniques. A harmful company will never take the time out to provide you with solutions.


Harmful: They Cram Text With Links

This particular method is a sign that they don’t know what they are doing. Search engines rank sites on a variety of things one being, ‘does the site look natural?’ If the answer is no, you will drop down the rankings like a lead balloon. Web sites that cram the text and site with links are the ones that fall foul of the rule. The agency should only put in a select number of links to make the site look natural, and the links should enhance the user’s experience.

Helpful: Your Ranking Improves

One easy way to decide is to look at your rankings – how do they compare to before? The correlation you are looking for is for the rankings to have gone up since your partnership began. A rise in the rankings means they are doing something right, and that is the reason you pay them in the first place.

Harmful: Your Ranking Drops

Alternatively, the flip side is that your ranking drops. Look out for your rankings because they play a major part in your success. As soon as they start to decline, you should look at making a change in your employment.

Helpful: Revenue Increases

The end goal is to increase your sales and your profits. To do that, you are going to need to sell more online. A good agency will be able to make changes that not only affect SEO, but that also affects your conversion rate.