How Technology Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

No business can afford to ignore the role technology plays in contemporary marketing. Here’s how technology can improve your approach to marketing.

Mobile Spot Targeting

Mobile phones offer all kinds of opportunities for marketers. One of the most interesting at the moment is spot targeting. This is when only people who are in a specific geographical location are targeted with adverts. This allows a company to target very specific people who are nearby. This is perfect if you have a physical shop that you want to draw people towards. It lets them know where you are and what they do. And because they’re nearby, there’s a decent chance that they will be tempted to come along if they’re interested in what you do.


Video offers lots of opportunities for businesses to connect with people in more effective ways. People don’t always want to read a large block of text about your business. This method can often be too dry and dull for a lot of people. You need to keep their interest, so it makes more sense to create a video that they will be able to view in a couple of minutes. It’s a short, snappy and attention-grabbing way of getting your message across to people. You could create a corporate video that summarises your business. Or you could create a regular vlog that you post on your website.

SMS Marketing

The vast majority of the people that your business is targeting will be in possession of a smartphone. This offers you a unique opportunity in terms of marketing. It means that you can send all of your customers text messages telling them about your business’s latest offers and deals. You shouldn’t use SMS marketing as a way of spanning people and harassing them because no one wants that. You should use it wisely as a way to encourage return sales. Visit to find out more about it.


Many business owners are still not using apps. Most of them don’t fully understand the potential that they offer to businesses. An app can make it easier for a business to be seen by a much wider audience. And it can be a great way of increasing sales. Apps allow people to browse and purchase items on the go, at any time of the day. This is why they’re so appealing. So, you should create a store on your app and try to increase your sales that way. They’re simple to set up, but the effect could be massive.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools offer you the chance to monitor your progress when it comes to digital marketing. These analytics tools can also be a great way to use data to the advantage of the company. For example, you could pick up on certain trends in the way people interact with your business. This could then lead to you improving your website to maximise the user experience and the online sales figures. You can only expect more people to buy from your company when you fully understand how they behave.