Get People Visiting Your Blog From Social Media By Following These Top Tips

Social media can play a big part in the popularity of any blog. It’s a form of traffic that site owners often harness to get regular traffic to their blogs. The trouble with social media is that some people don’t know how to get fans to visit their blogs!

Some folks assume that all you need to do is copy and paste a link to your latest blog posts. Yes, that’s one thing you should do; but it’s not the ONLY thing!

If you’re unsure how to use social media to your advantage, these top tips will tell you what you need to be doing. Check them out below:

Blog From Social Media

Use keywords that result in high conversions

You might assume that keywords only apply to Web page content. Yes, they do, and they also apply to social media content too! Whenever you write a post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, it’s crucial you use the right keywords.

Sure, you should use keywords in your sentences that relate to what you’re talking about. But, you should also use ones that encourage high conversion rates. If you’re wondering, conversions refer to when you get people to do something. In this scenario, I am talking about visiting links you’ve posted to your blog.

Advertise special offers

If you’ve got a money making blog, you will no doubt want to share deals with your audience. It’s likely you will have some affiliate marketing system in place on your blog.

Did you know that you can also link to offers on your blog from your social media accounts? For instance, let’s say that you run an automotive blog. Your affiliate partners may have informed you about an offer they have on car servicing. You could create a blog post about it, and link to that post from your social media accounts.

People love to know about things they can get for free or at a discounted price. If the offers are relevant to them, they will click or tap through to find out more.


Don’t forget to use hashtags

Keyword “hashtags” were something first started on Twitter a while back. These days, they are now used by other social networks. Hashtags keywords are ones that group post content by a particular theme or genre.

Let’s use our special offer post I talked about a moment ago as an example. You could use hashtags like #discounts, #servicing or #coupons in your post. If anyone views content by hashtag keywords, your post will be among others that use the same ones!

Hashtags are a brilliant way to increase the audience of your posts.

Don’t forget to use multimedia in your posts

Let’s face it; a text-only post isn’t always that interesting. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to grab people’s attention! One easy way of doing that is by adding images and videos to your posts.

Most social networks let you add more than one image to each post.
By following the above tips, you’ll soon be driving more traffic to your blog from social media in no time! Thanks for reading.