How to Get a Mobile App Developed for your Business

If you run a business, any kind of business, you probably already know that online brand promotion is the key to success. But these days when everyone is doing it, how does one stand out among other businesses who share the same knowledge and who are trying just as hard to stand out among the crowds? The solution is actually quite simple – launch a mobile app for your business.


Why Launch a Mobile App?

There are innumerable reasons why you will want to launch a mobile app for your business. For one, there is the prestige. Not all businesses have their own app and you are immediately going to stand out. For example, if you run a car repair shop and you are owner of the only one in your town which boasts an app, it is automatically going to seem more serious and professional.

There is also the fact that people use their smartphones more and more and that they are expecting the businesses they work with to stay in touch. You will be able to provide your customers or clients with better customer service and more thanks to your app.

Your new mobile app is also going to be a fantastic brand promotion and direct marketing tool thanks to notifications and content that you will be able to share with your customers, the users of your app.

How to Start?

The first step in having a mobile app developed is to determine what your needs are and what your budget are. Some businesses simply need another avenue of getting exposure for their business and they do not intend to do anything particularly complex with their app. Also, the money is a big issue since having an app developed can get extremely expensive, especially if the business owner wishes certain advanced features to be included. In the end, however, the business owner is going to have two choices.

Hiring an App Development Agency

The more traditional and the most commonly used approach is to reach out to an app development agency and hire their services. No matter where you live and where your company is based, you will have plenty of choice when choosing an app developer. These people come with years of experience and with all the latest tools. They will be able to custom-develop an app for your business, 100% unique and boasting all the features you need.

Of course, there are some downsides to this approach. For one, developing an app this way can get very, very expensive. Even an app that seems basic can cost up to $50,000 or $100,000. In case you want something really advanced and if you wish your app to have features that require a lot of coding, your app can end up costing you more than $500,000 or even more. For smaller businesses, this is just too much. In addition to this, there is also the matter of time it will take to have such an app developed.

Using an App Builder Service

The other choice is to find an app builder service and have your app developed this way. These services are websites where you go for a cheaper alternative to custom-made apps. These websites can be used by anyone (even those who don’t know how to code) and when you develop an app this way, you choose among templates and apply your visual solutions to make your app stand out.

You may be somewhat limited in what your app will be able to do (none of its basic functions will be compromised) and it might not become the next big thing, but it is a perfect choice for local business apps.

The main advantage of app builder services is that they are much, much cheaper. For instance, for a price of about $40 to $50 a month, you can have an app that will look and work as well as most large businesses’ apps. Also, you can do it yourself, meaning that it can be everything you want it to be.

Closing Word

Some business owners will be able to afford custom-developed apps, but for the vast majority of small to medium business owners app builders are going to be the perfect choice. The combination of low prices and overall usability of apps developed this way make it just the thing small business owners need.