Fascinating Software Airlines Use Every Day


We wonder what you imagine when you think of the commercial airliner industry. Perhaps your mind automatically pictures beautiful stewardesses. Maybe you picture the pilot at the controls of the plane, guiding it safely to a landing. Or, you might even consider the possibility of joining this industry yourself. Regardless, we’re sure everyone will have forgotten an important factor that plays a part. That would be all the tech they use on a daily basis.

Everyone involved in flight industries are constantly reliant on tech working effectively. Without it, they could run into some major problems. Here are just some pieces of tech that an airline needs to operate.

Radar Systems

It should come as no surprise that to operate effectively, airliners are reliant on radar software and technology. Have you ever wondered why you can’t use mobile phones or wifi technology in the air. It’s because the signal they send out could affect the tech that helps the plane to land. It’s highly unlikely but possible that the signal could alter the radar systems leading to inaccurate readings. Without this tech, it’s difficult for pilots to land the plane safely. You may think that landing a plane still takes a lot of work on the pilots part. But, it’s a lot more automatic than most airlines would have you believe. Pilots tend only to step in during takeoff and landing. The rest of the time the flight is almost automated.

Flight Management

If you’re flying privately or for one of the major commercial airlines, flight management is important. You need to make sure that you are watching how long you are in the air for and how much fuel you are using. It’s also useful to know how to make the flight more efficient. An FAA pilot logbook is the key software used here to keep pilots on track. This can be viewed later to check both progress and performance. This type of software is an integral part of the flight process.


Security is crucial, particularly in airports. For airlines and pilots, it’s crucial that no one carrying a dangerous weapon is allowed on a plane. Thankfully new tech like full body scanners are ensuring this could never happen. Full body scanners are so advanced they’ll be able to find any weapon no matter where a person might be hiding it. This is protecting airliners from the threat of terrorism.


Contactless Tech

Of course, it’s not just about what happens up in the air or on the plane. Airlines also use tech to make life easier for their passengers. One form of technology that is growing in popularity is forms of contactless payment. But this tech can also be used for scanning tickets and flight passes. Rather than a long process of scanning the ticket, customers can easily check themselves in using this tech.

You can now see how important technology and new software is within the air industry. Whether it’s to improve efficiency or make the air a safer way to travel.