Essential Apps for Your New Mac – The Best Software and Utilities- 2014

Best Apps for MACApple released its new mac pro in the late 2013, but some of the reviewers may call it the “mac-pro-almost-2014”. Many of you might have bought this and are looking for some nice and handy apps you could use!! Cool! Affordable! Latest stuff! You name it, and we have it..!!

Here, we have got a quick roundup on a bunch of these apps available free for you to download anytime, anywhere best apps for mac. This is for all those who hate paying for apps when you can actually get it for free! There are a lot of free and open source alternatives apps which are often hard to find. Let’s have a look at a few great apps which would be useful and easy for you to download. Try them out once! You might find them fruitful..!


Imagine is arguably the best text editor for mac in the present scenario. It is practical writing at its best! It is known to have supported markdown very well. This one uses eight background colors and many other new features. It saves all the work done in plain or rich text format so that it would be accessed easily in other text editing apps as well. Imagine is much more affordable compared to the others and is handy in working free of distractions! It provides you with a simple, clean, readable layout and all you would ever expect from a simple text editor


HDRtist uses ‘High Dynamic Range’ system for processing your photos. And it is a very quick way of carrying out the job. If you are someone who is not ready to waste your money on some low profile apps, HDRtist is the one you are looking for! Speedy image processing for Free! And it is occupied with multiple mapping techniques. It would provide you with a decent job and is pretty much easier to use.


OpenOffice is a powerful word processing app available with ease. It is exclusively made for mac pro and is a very popular open source application for mac. If you hate to pay money for editing your text, OpenOffice is at your service, because it is free! And it is one of the best alternatives available. This one is equivalent to the Microsoft word used in Windows. And the best part is that you do not have to pay!

Now, it has been updated to the latest version 4.0 with a handful of improvements made in the previous version. It is more similar to the not-so-well-known LibreOffice best apps for macbook.


Anxiety has a design which reminds of small preference windows found in old versions of operating system. It is a very basic to-do app. And it is not a very bad thing to have such a design. This app has a looks pretty nice and it syncs with the calendar in your system and stays with the menu bar. It is old, but if you are looking for something small to work on, it’s a great option!