Cloud Based PMS Brings Futuristic Features to Hotel Management

Legacy hotel PMS were popular in a time when having software support for the hotel came with a wide range of expenses. Not only did it cost a lot to set up the legacy PMS, the maintenance and upgrade of these systems added to the cost of using the PMS over time. More than that, software upgrades to the legacy systems often required re-training the employees to use the system. Often, these systems used to slow down during rush hours and it was a struggle to move data from such systems to new systems.

If you are a savvy hotel owner or manager, you know that legacy software is not enough to serve any establishment in the highly competitive hospitality industry. Using a cloud based PMS is the only way forward and the best way to add futuristic management features to the hotel. The hospitality property management software wins against the legacy PMS in every way.

Modern hotel software keeps the costs low, while the costs keep rising on the use of legacy PMS. As technology advances, the legacy PMS is not able to keep up unless there are significant hardware and software upgrades. The one glaring negative point against the legacy PMS is that the data is often at risk of corruption or hacking by third parties. When it comes to guest data and hotel’s financial data, a hotel should only use the most advanced security measures which are all available in a cloud based PMS.

A Cloud PMS is the only way to Keep Up with the Times

For a hotel that is looking to make profit and provide stellar services to guests, using modern software is a necessity. As the business expands and a hotel opens multiple locations, a cloud PMS can help the managers in keeping an eye on the room inventory and adjusting their costs on different channels accordingly. Here are some ways in which hotels can improve their profits by using hospitality property management software.

  • Maintain guest profiles to offer loyalty discounts
  • Ensure room prices are at par with your competition
  • Use your own booking engine for direct bookings
  • Using a software prevents double booking and lost business

Modern PMS Features Are a Boon for Housekeeping

In the post-pandemic times it is more important than ever to ensure every surface and place in your hotel is sanitized. There are many ways in which a hospitality property management software can help to ensure every part of the hotel is cleaned with regularity. Here are some ways to supercharge your housekeeping team through the use of a hotel PMS.

  • The housekeeping staff can get duty alerts on their mobile devices
  • Alerts can be sent automatically as soon as a guest vacates the room
  • Housekeeping team can update the completed tasks through mobiles
  • Clean rooms are instantly added to the inventory
  • Housekeeping staff can keep a track of cleaning supplies through the mobile dashboard
  • Status of clean, dirty, or skipped rooms is available at a glance on the dashboard

Cloud PMS can Facilitate a Contactless Hotel Environment

The modern digitized hotels are keen on providing their guests with as little contact with the staff as possible. With a cloud based PMS, you can create a completely contactless environment in your hotel. The front desk can be freed up to do other tasks when guests are able to check-in and check-out through a mobile app. Let’s take a look at the other ways in which you can encourage adoption of contactless operations in your hotel.

  • Guests fill their details so there is less scope of error
  • The guests can pay their invoices sent to their phones
  • A webapp can work as the key to the rooms
  • Guest can scan QR codes to access menus in the restaurant
  • Guests can scan a code to connect to relevant hotel department like the front desk or the restaurant

Cloud PMS Allows for Greater Degree of Personalized Services for Guests

In this highly competitive era, the only way to get ahead of the competition is to offer guests a positive experience that they will never forget. When guests enjoy their stay at a property they are more likely to leave positive reviews and do word of mouth publicity for the hotel. One fantastic way to ensure a stellar experience is by providing personalized services to the guests. When you have the guest profiles set up in your hotel management software, you know the kind of services they expect and you can easily provide these services to them. Here are some tips on how your hotel staff can do this.

  • If guests are on a business trip offer a conference room for meetings
  • If guests are traveling with kids, put toys or board games in their room
  • If guests have allergies or food preferences, ensure kitchen staff knows about this
  • If guests are on a leisure trip, hotel staff can suggest relevant activities
  • Previous feedback from guests can be implemented in the hotel

These kinds of small gestures can go a long way in making the guests feel valued and welcome in a hotel property. If you have the guest profiles on a cloud PMS, it is easy for the staff to see notes and preferences of the guests whenever they visit your hotel.

Summing up

Operating a hotel without a cloud PMS in today’s time is leaving money on the table for your competition. If you want to get profits and the goodwill of guests, consider investing in a reliable and robust hospitality property management software.

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