Cisco DNS Server Guide – A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Domain Name System

The first thing that we are going to start article by saying might seem unnecessary but trust me, if you do not read the things that we are going to mention in this para then it will be next to impossible for you to understand completely what Cisco DNS Server is. If I had to assume where you know about Domain Name Systems or not then I had to say no because most people do not put any attention to this topic. So let’s just explain in short what a Domain Name System or a DNS is. So the Domain Name System is a medium that every user uses while surfing on the internet.

With the help of this medium, they can get access to all the websites available on the internet or you can say that the Domain Name System helps you to get access to all the services that are available on the internet as fast as possible. Now the question is how can we detect whether a Domain Name System Server is good? Well, the answer is pretty simple the more invisibility a server provides to its users the better the Domain Name System Server they are. Now we are going to talk about the best Domain Name System Server in the world named Cisco DNS Server and all the features it possesses which make it the best.

What are the Basics of Cisco DNS Server?

The basics of the Domain Name Server will be hard to understand if we do not do a deep dive into the history of the internet and how the basics of the internet were first created. When the first time internet was created all the websites available on the internet had a unique Internet Protocol Address which is now popularly known as the IP Address. People whenever they want to search for something or surf on the internet to get some information then they had to search by typing the Internet Protocol Address of the website they want to enter.

Now that is very hectic because the Internet Protocol Address of a website is a set of numbers and if even one number is written wrong then the user will enter into another website that has the Internet Protocol Address that you wrote or even worse it will not go anywhere because no such Internet Protocol Address exists in reality. To cope up with such problems and minimize that the Domain Name System was created so that a user can just type whatever they want to search and they will be able to access all the websites which have the related content. So in short the basic function of the Cisco DNS Server is that to make internet surfing easier for people all around the world.

Features provided by the Domain Name System Server called the Cisco DNS Server

As we have given the idea of what Cisco DNS Server actually is and how the basics of the Domain Name System Server works now it is time to increase your knowledge about the features of this amazing DNS Cisco Server and how these features make it the best Domain Name System Server available for surfing the internet at the current time.

Domain Name System Tunneling

This is one of the most important features that a Domain Name System Server should have. It helps let the user keep their privacy intact and hence no risk of data leaking. What the DND Tunneling feature does is that it helps the DNS server to deliver all the DNS queries which are encoded payloads, it also helps in the process of filtration of the data available in the compromised networks and control attacks, and assists in the execution of commands. This feature is available in the DNS Cisco Server and works very efficiently while surfing the internet.

Domain Name System Beaconing

This feature is extremely important for a Data Name System to possess because of the things it does and the good news is that Cisco DNS Server knows that. The particular feature of Domain Name System Beaconing helps the users in the establishment of communication with any kind of command or any control server with the assistance of only a Domain Name System. The establishment of the communication works in a coded manner and the communication is established only if the network you are using allows you to successfully access the website, control server, or command you want to communicate to.

The Cisco DNS Server can block any kind of threat before they reach you

It is common to know that any kind of viruses or malware may affect your system while surfing the internet. Now you may be thinking that Anti Virus Software can be installed in your systems can help you fight such threats to your system but you are forgetting that the anti-virus software can detect the virus only after it has done some damage to your computer. This little amount of damage is considered to be collateral damage by many people but they would also feel good if they could avoid this collateral damage also. Well, the Cisco DNS Server has got you covered up here.

The DNS server is designed such that it can detect the threats even before they reach your system and not only can they just detect but also can block the threats which are very helpful as none of the data available in your system will be affected hence creating a safe system for your internet surfing.


We are happy that you read the whole article like this in-depth study helped us explain to you properly what a Domain Name System is and why the Cisco DNS Server is the best DNS server for people to use all around the world.