Awesome Ways Technology Is Helping Our Health

Not a day goes past without news of a technology release that is going to save lives, keep us fit, or help us live longer. General health care has had plenty of big moments thanks to technology in recent years, and there will be plenty more to come.

Many of these improvements have been for specialist care in the medical world, but what about us regular people at home? Consumer tech and the Internet have all been beneficial. So, today we are going to look at some of the ways we are all using tech to lead healthier lives.

Healthcare Technlogy


Now, some people like to think that the Internet has only been a boon for social media poseurs and lovers of cat pictures. But, in terms of health care, we are more likely to use the Internet to get our medical information. Symptom checkers, potential treatments for conditions and a lot more more can all be accessed easily. We’re not saying that you should self-diagnose – and you should always confirm anything with your doctor. But, it’s never been easier to access relevant health care information as it is today.

Fitness apps

Not so long ago, the only way you could keep on top of your heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels was by visiting your doctor. However, these days you can do it with an app on your smartphone or a simple watch device. Fitness apps and gadgets are everywhere. Although you shouldn’t take them as read, they will give you a good indication of your fitness levels and general health. They also give you a lot more motivation, because they track and record your results. When you can see yourself improving it’s far easier to continue.

IT solutions

Patient care is a lot safer and more reliable than it used to be, thanks in no small part to technology. While you might not think a hospital’s IT system has no bearing on your health, you would be wrong. Take the healthcare specialists Cloudticity as an example. Their systems are used by healthcare providers to synchronize your medical history. That means that everyone will be able to see your information, from yourself at home, the next doctor that treats you in the emergency room. That increases your awareness of your conditions and gives you more chance of a successful outcome in the event of a serious accident.

Less invasive treatment

If you have a condition that your GP can’t quite put their finger on, you’re going to need to have a specialist take a look. In days gone by, that might well have meant a biopsy or something similar, but in recent years there has been much more of a non-invasive approach. It’s the same for treatments, too: just look at the difference between keyhole surgery and its predecessor for a perfect example. And the medical benefits are enormous. Your recovery time will be far quicker, and you will be back to leading a normal life no time at all.

So, that’s our little list of how tech is changing people’s lives for the better. How about you? Let us know if your health has been improved in the comments section below!