8 Awesome Android apps to Backup Text Messages

The ease of use attached with smartphones has made them a crucial component of everybody’s life. Whether it’s surfing through the internet or simply making and receiving calls, Android smartphones have become the number one choice of individuals who want to add convenience to their lives. The incredible features of Android mobile devices have impressed smartphone users of all age groups. There are apps for everything, ranging from online shopping and video watching to web-based chatting. All these apps are approved by the Google Play website and hence are popularly used across the globe. Data backup being one of the most amazing features of Android phones has allowed users to retain information they’d never want to lose. This blog of mine speaks about 8 popular text message backup apps specially designed for smartphones that run on the Android operating system. Installing any of these apps on your device will let you keep your text messages with you for a much much longer duration of time.


1. SMS Backup and Restore
Installing this app on your Android device will back up all your sms messages in an XML format, allowing you to restore the same as per your individual preference. You may even choose to convert the XML format to other formats that suit your convenience. One of the major advantages of using ‘SMS backup and restore’ app is that it allows you to have the backup of all your conversions or just the specific ones.

2. Super Backup
Super Backup is yet another fabulous app that is simple and easy to use. It takes the back of all your text messages, call logs, bookmarks etc. You can then save all these files to your Gmail account for use at a later point of time. With the Super Backup app, backing up comes as an automated function.

3. SMS Backup+
With SMS Backup+, you can opt for automatic backup of all your sms text messages in addition to recording of the MMS messages and call logs. Backed by a detailed set of FAQ entries, SMS Backup+ keeps you worry-free about anytime access of all your backup files.

4. G Cloud Backup
G Cloud Backup is a free app that allows you to save all your data to the cloud. Whether its about saving your text messages, your contacts, calendar, appointments, apps, music or any other snippet of information, with G Cloud Backup you can save everything in an encrypted form. Plus, you can even schedule backups and check all your stored data online, as and when you desire to do so.

5. Titanium Media Synchronize
With Titanium Media Synchronize app, you can easily set the folders which you intend to backup. Plus, you are even offered the flexibility of deciding the number of times your backup can take place. The best part of Titanium Media Synchronize is that it allows you to determine the processing power that’s being consumed by your application.

6. My Backup Pro
Affordably priced at less than five dollars, My Backup Pro is an Android application that’s brilliant at backing up a lot of information available in your smartphone. Once all your data has been saved, you may choose to access it using a pin number and a password set up during the backup process. Although by default, My Backup Pro comes with a certain amount of data storage, you can buy more as per your fluctuating needs.

7. MySMS
As a standalone messaging app, MySMS not only allows you to send messages for free, but it even keeps a good record of all your text messages. And that’s not all, this app is also equipped with a port for backup on Ever-note.

8. Google Voice
Google Voice is yet another fabulous Android app that not only allows you to text your friends for free but even stores all the textual conversations in a folder that’s similar to your emails stored in your Gmail account. You can further access and search through the stored file folders as per your choice.

Wrapping Up
As you’ve read this post, it’s quite obvious that you’d be spending a lot of time texting via your smartphone. So, gear up and keep all your private and crucial data intact by backing it up using any of the aforementioned Android apps.