10 Most Crazy Travel Apps for Android

Here are ten apps that you are going to find very useful when you go on holiday or start traveling. The apps on this article are very popular, and most of them have an app for other platforms too. The apps are all different so they are not in any particular order.

1. Taxi Magic

This is mainly a USA based app, so if you are traveling around the USA and you find you need a taxi then this app may be good for you. It is supposed to key in to your location via your GPS and then find you a taxi firm that is close to where you are at the time.

2. FlightView

This is a great little app to have if you travel a lot. It tells you about flight status chances and gives you notifications if a flight is delayed or changes and such. It allows you to track flights which are even handy if you have people coming to stay with you from other countries. It also gives you that little bit of assurance too when you are flying around and you think you are forgetting things in airports.

3. Wikitude

This allows you to point your phone at something and the app will try to figure out any points of interest that you may like to see. You can save what you photograph on the app and show people on social media if you happen to enjoy boring your friends. It allows you to locate places of interest.

4. Currency Converter 

As you may imagine, this is an app that allows you to convert money. It is handy if you are going places and handy for when you get there. You can see how much things cost in a shop and how much things cost as you are stood there in the foreign country. It also works offline using the figures it last downloaded, which means you do not get it exactly accurate, but it is unlikely to be very far off.

5. Poynt

This is an app that allows you to look at nearby businesses and maybe even book a few things too. For example, you can find local restaurants and book a table, or you can find the nearest cinema. There are quite a few entertainment features listed on the app as it gets its information from the Internet.

6. Expensify

Business travelers use this app a lot, but there is no reason why you should not use it as well. After all, you have money and you have budgets, plus there may be things you want to save receipts for. It is an app that allows you to create expense reports and scan your receipts so that you can see how much you have spent and where your money has gone.

7. TripIt

This is a very well known app that allows you to plan your travel and your holiday. Plus, you can do all sorts of funky stuff such as set up email confirmations or set up stuff where the calendar on your phone syncs up with your holiday plans. It is a fun and crazy enough app for most people to at least try if they are going on holiday or traveling anywhere.

8. Google Translate

It is able to translate a lot of languages, which may be handy if you are really stuck on a few words. The only trouble is that if the language is not in “abc” letters then you are going to struggle to type in the language that you want to translate. Other than that little snag it is great for getting around town and figuring out what stuff means.

9. Hipmunk

This is a great app for planning and booking your holiday. It allows you to book flights and you can book hotels, plus you can see information about the places you are going to go. You can visualize your travel plans and you can see weather reports for where you are going and such. It is a great app to have on your side when you are traveling.

10. Kayak

This is a planning app that allows you to plan most of the aspects of your holiday. You can book package things by going through the major planning companies, or you can book flights on your own, or rent cars. You can sort out your own accommodation and you can find travel deals and track your flights. It does almost everything you will ever need for your holiday.

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