The Top Way of Sharing Those Files Just Too Big to Email

Given how much technology has advanced in the last decade, it’s surprising how limited certain aspects of it still are. Email is a prime example. All the popular free email services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo have restrictions on both the amount of files you can send as well as the maximum size of a file. 10MB is a fairly typical limit for the maximum file size you can send. Whilst this might have seemed generous at one time, today it’s seems a little limited.

It’s sometimes possible, especially in the case of pictures, to reduce the size of the files you’re sending by compressing them. However if you’re looking to send a file such as a video, then it’s often not possible to reduce its size enough to send it as an email attachment. This being the case, you must find alternative solutions when you need to send larger files.

File sharing services

There are many file sharing services online – some are free; some are paid but they all work in more or less the same way – you upload your files to their servers and you’re then provided with a link, which you can share with anyone. Whilst these services do enable you to share files in a fairly easy way, they do come with a few downsides, such as :-

  • Without a paid subscription, the download speeds are generally slow
  • People may be wary of downloading files from a third party site
  • They’re not a particularly safe or secure way of sharing files

Security is one of the biggest concerns when using file sharing services. Sharing a link that could well contain sensitive data is far from an ideal solution, especially for businesses. File sharing services are also not great for those who provide content online such as graphic and web designers, as clients may not be happy to take the risk of downloading files from a site they donot recognise.

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An integrated solution

Due to the downsides of using file sharing services, many people are now looking for a more integrated solution that enables them to send and receive emails without having to worry about the size of attachments. One of the best unified email management services on the market right now is Mimecast.

What makes Mimecast different from other services is that it provides a fully integrated email solution that includes email archiving and security .By using the Mimecast Large File Send service, you can securely send large files straight from your email address, without having to use a third party file sharing service to upload your files.

Because Mimecast is a cloud-based service it comes with as much storage as you need, which means there’s no need to worry about emails being deleted due to server, storage or mailbox constraints. It also provides email archive access through Outlook as well as mobile access for Android and iOS devices.