Top 20 Mobiles in India in September 2013

India is considered to be the most dynamic and sought after market for global mobile players as the 1.2 billion populations in the country seek to invest in some mobile brand or the other in some part of their life. This has indeed kept mobile companies on their toes who constantly innovate to match the Indian preferences and budget. Let us discuss the fate of top 20 recent mobile phones in the Indian market and how effectively they have influenced the minds of the consumers.

Top Ranking Mobiles:

  1. Nokia Lumia 520 tops the list of the best mobile phones in India for the month of September. It is considered to be a fun and affordable Smartphone with enhanced navigation and free music.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S Duos offers the best style and sophistication at just Rs 10,100 and stands second among the best phones. Its high performance and incredible usability add convenience to its everyday users.

New entrants in the list:

  1. Apple iPhone 5S broke sales records with pre-booking even before its launch. This latest one from Apple is clearly making enough buzz in the market.
  2. Nokia Lumia 625 is the only solution that exists to solve the chore of consumers who favor large screen; the device has the largest screen in the entire Lumia series with a display of 4.7 inches. Nokia also affords free streaming of up to 3000 movie videos over a period of three months.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: The large screen experiment indeed started with the Samsung galaxy note in the year 2011. The device is on its 3rd iteration and continues to extend its strengths on a large screen and is backed up by the best ever hardware modules.

Mobile phone brands that have gone down in rank:

Mobile phones have always been the most demanded gadgets among the young population in any economy and they always have people’s eye on their pricing, style and strategies. Although still part of the top 20 mobile phones list of 2013, phones like Karbonn A9 plus, Sony Xperia L, Micromax canvas HD, Nokia Lumia 510 and Sony Xperia SP enjoyed a greater favor from customers earlier, but now have slipped down in ranking. The new entrants are now scoring better, replacing the older ones.

It is worth noting here that the majority of the devices here have been powered by the Android platform and Samsung leads the top 20 list with the inclusion of its six remarkable phones in the list. Apple has managed to retain the second position and is closely followed by, Micromax and Nokia.

Final verdict

The list also reveals the fact that there has not been great changes in the ranking of mobile devices between the months of August and September as the top 5 ranks were the same at both the months, though their positions are interchanged. In spite of the hike in the price of these smart phones, Indian consumers prefer to buy and use them for their superior functionality and specs.