Savvy Car Dealers Are Getting Ahead With Tech: Are You?

It’s no secret that many industries are benefiting from the amazing developments in modern technology. No matter what market you serve, there will be software, gadgets, and equipment that can help give you the edge over the competition.

A good example is the car dealership industry. Savvy dealers are getting more involved with tech today than ever before. We thought we would take a look at some of the ways they are using it – maybe there are some tips you can pick up for your business.

car dealer CRM

Customer Satisfaction Levels

A report last year from the U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index reveals some interesting points. According to the study, car dealers that use computers and tablets when engaging with their customers get better results. Those that don’t, have lower customer satisfaction levels. It’s all about making the client’s journey a lot smoother.

Having a tablet at hand, a dealer can pull up vital info for their customers right there on the spot. There is no more toing and froing from a central desk, and no long waits to get answers to important questions. Many other retail businesses are engaging in this type of practice these days. It’s something you should think about for your business if you find your customer service levels are slipping or stalling.

Better marketing

Marketing is everything for all businesses, especially when there is stiff competition. For car dealers to get ahead of the rest, it’s vital that they use all their customer data so they can reach out to them more effectively.

Savvy Car Dealers

These days, wiser dealers are investing in car dealer CRM software so that they can manage their data in a better way. It helps them draw accurate pictures of their customer base and focus their marketing efforts in the right direction. So, think about how your business can use similar tools in your industry and make your marketing campaigns a lot more efficient and focused.


It goes without saying that car dealers need to be careful when buying and selling vehicles. Theft and illegal vehicles – the ‘cut and shut;, for example – are rife. It’s vital that they can make quick decisions on whether to buy a car and to know if it is a safe bet. In days gone by, it could take weeks to get the right information on a car’s history, and in many cases, this meant the dealer would have to gamble a lot more. In recent years, however, they can use Internet services to get an instant snapshot of a vehicle’s history.

In an industry where you need to buy and sell at a fast rate, tech is proving enormously beneficial. Think about the rules and regulations in your industry, and look around to see if there is anything similar you can use. Whether it’s a website or a software service, they can improve your processes. And, at the same time, as keep your business safe from litigation and the law.

There you have it – three key ways car dealers are using tech to improve their businesses. It’s a perfect example of how technology can make your business better, so see if you can find similar tools in your industry.