Popcorn Time 2021 Android, Mac & Windows: Download, Install and Setup Instructions

Many streaming apps are running on every one media device, Smartphones Tablets, and TV. Countless applications on the internet and market provide people with streaming endless entertainment with multimedia. Popcorn Time is one of those applications that provide high quality videos, movies, and many more contents that streaming simultaneously on the internet. The feature that makes this application more special is that user does not need to download the content they loved like other application but it allows to watch the all the exciting contents.

Streaming means you can watch any video or content when you are connected to the internet, you don’t need to down or save the video on your device and allocate space. Yes, of course, the user can download the content if they desire to watch it many times or offline.

The Popcorn app takes the Torrent files for the media or content you want to watch, so it is so much important to have a WiFi connection to your device. It happens sometimes that many of the data files from the streaming get save automatically on your device so it is mandatory to clean your temporary files folder from your devices.

Download Popcorn Time APK for Android

Here you can learn the methods of downloading and installing Popcorn Time APK for your Android devices, and you can enjoy unlimited streaming on your device.

Popcorn Time app is now available in any app store. or download it directly. Your Andriot device must have an updated version minimum 4.0.3. So that it can allow the apps out of the Play Store or your phone’s inbuilt app store.

Download Popcorn Time App APK directly from –

  • To allow access to the outside app in your gadget go to setting here you find the Security button click and go to Unknow Sources and click on allow button.
  • Keep this setting for the future so that you can access the updates to your Popcorn Time App every time.
  • Now you need an AppStore APK file from browser to install Popcorn Time App on your android smartphone or tablet.
  • Now you can download Popcorn Time APK latest version v4.42.1
  • Install the Popcorn Time APK by allowing access to your device.
  • After finishing downloading sign in to your app and enjoy the latest streaming on your device.

Details about Popcorn Time App

LicenseFree license
Operating SystemAndroid
RequirementsRequires minimum Android 3.0 or advance
CategoryVideo, Audio
LanguageEnglish language with 41 other
Downloads18,098,358 and continue
Last Update DateFeb 3rd, 2021

Main Features

  1. Web series and Movies streaming
  2. Search Engine integrated
  3. Available in HD quality
  4. Latest News
  5. Movies and web series available in original languages and subtitles
  6. Search sorted by ratings, genre, and year of release
  7. Download video to watch offline.

The Best Movie App

Popcorn Time is the best Movie App for Android, Windows, Linux, Max, tables, and even iPhone or Ipad (Via Jailbreak). High quality HD display without any ads or interruptions, enjoy your favorites movies and series anytime.

Smart TV Box

Popcorn Time App is built for any Android device including Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Easytone T95, Abox A4, M8s, WeTek Core, Nvidia Shield TV, and other devices too. You can easily download this App for your TV and can enjoy streaming.

Watch Offline

The most important and unique feature of the Popcorn Time App is you can save your videos offline to watch later. So you can enjoy your videos when you are not connected to the Internet.

Dubbed Movies and Subtitle

You can enjoy the free movies and videos in any subtitle or dubbed language. There are many subtitle languages available including your regional language.

As you know PopcornTime is a very popular way to stream movies and TV-Shows.  The main thing we should be aware of, is this is legal, what are the risks?  Well, here are the top 5 risks of using streaming services like PopcornTime. 

1. Risk of downloading.

A common mistake is saying that because you are steaming, so not downloading, there is nothing illegal about it… This is simply not true. PopcornTime downloads the movies you watch and only deletes them when you restart your computer. Now in some countries downloading isn’t illegal yet.  So what about streaming?

2. Copyright

Another reason why it’s illegal is that when you show copyright material to large groups, so live or streaming, and you don’t own the rights for that, is also illegal. And we all know PopcornTime doesn’t own the right to stream these movies to you for free. But still, this isn’t your problem. Also, Popcorn Time isn’t the source, they get the content from others sources as well.  No, It’s the part where you upload.

3. Risk of Uploading

One of the most important reasons why using Popcorn Time is a risk, is because you’re not only downloading but also uploading the copyrighted material. And because you are uploading you are supporting the system. You are now officially a pirate. Because every time you upload, you make a copy and share it with someone else in the world.  But how-come PopcornTime isn’t taken down? Well, it’s not hard for law enforcement to find these sites and apps. But it is hard to find out who’s running them. In the case of PopcornTime, their developers are all over the world and hard to trace.

4. Malware and Spies

Popcorn Time even advertises their software by saying they will never be taken down.  So what’s the catch? Why are these developers going through so much trouble?  Well, that’s the fourth risk of streaming illegal content.

Apps like popcorn time often come with Malware for advertisement. So prepare yourself for a lot more banners with bots scanning your computer for personal info that later can be sold to companies. Because user data is worth a lot of money. 

5. Privacy

The last but very important risk is your privacy.  When you are uploading or downloading, your IP address is public. And in some cases, even your home address and phone number are too. This means you set the front door open to Hackers and Spies. Also, anti-piracy agencies can easily trace you.  Popcorn Time’s developers say they want you to be more anonymous. So they provide users with a VPN option at

If you pay 5$ per month your internet traffic will be encrypted. But then again, most people would think they have nothing to hide and you are almost better of getting a Netflix account instead.

These are the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be using apps like Popcorn Time. There are many options like Netflix and other streaming apps to Popcorn Time to give you some good alternatives. Of course, companies like Netflix are always a more premium way of watching movies and TV Shows.  We are curious to find out if this has changed your mind about Popcorn Time.