Social Media

Integrate Social Media with Your Website Using These Techniques

It’s an accepted fact that social media is an essential form of online marketing. Using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ improves SEO and brand awareness. If you have a website and social media pages, they shouldn’t be working independently of each other. When you design your website, you should keep your social media pages and profiles in mind. Integrating social features within your design is a clever tactic. It helps you tie your online marketing methods together. Here’s how to make sure you combine your website and your social media activities.

Share and Follow Buttons

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to integrate social media on your website is with buttons. You can add icons to your site that allow people to like, follow and share your pages without leaving your website. You can also have some buttons that simply take them straight to your pages so that they can have a look around. Talk to your web design agency about where you should place these icons. Links to your pages can go on your homepage or your menu, for example. Share buttons could be at the end of a blog post.


Twitter Feed and Facebook Widgets

Using the right widgets, you can put a little bit of your social media pages on your website. For example, a lot of people decide to put a Twitter feed on their site. Visitors will be able to see your latest tweets, and they can click on the feed to follow you and read more. Another option is using a Facebook widget, such as the “Like Box”. This shows people how many Facebook users already like your page. It can give you an air of trustworthiness and respectability. Obviously, it works better if you already have a fair number of likes!

Social Login

If you have a section of your website that requires an account or login, consider allowing it through social sites. Many users prefer to be able to log in using an existing profile, for example on Google or Facebook. They don’t have to type in any new information and spend ages confirming their account. All they need to do is allow your website access to their profile. This practice can help to raise your conversion rates because it makes things easier, and you can get valuable data from it too.

Videos and Instagram

People like seeing different forms of content. Although there’s a lot of focus on blog posts, videos and images are important in the social media world. Putting these on your website is another way to link to your social media pages. For example, you can embed your Vine videos to make blog posts more engaging for readers. Another method to use is integrating your Instagram photos. It’s easy to do by getting the embed code from below the comments on your photo.

There’s no excuse not to integrate your social media pages on your website. There are several ways you can do it, and each of them could improve both your site and your social followings.