Four reasons why Microsoft bought the Android Lock Screen App Maker

When you are working on competing with some of the fierce competition in and around the industry, you have to make bold moves. Microsoft, which is a forgotten name in the smart phone industry now due to its total and utter failure in trying to join hands with Nokia and creating a combined operating software for its smart phones called the Windows Phone, has to do something mega strategic in order to gain back some attention. For this reason, off-late Microsoft has changed its leadership and also its way of taking the steps in the phone market.

The technology giant understands the vulnerability of this market and the two superpowers Apple and Samsung ruling the market that becoming a player who is silent yet effective is the only way to success in this growing smart phone world. This is why recently it has stepped up its effort and bought a very famous Android Lock Screen App maker. The App maker known as Echo Notification specializes in the way we, the users, see notifications on our smart phone screens. Today’s blog is going to talk about four possible reasons and scenarios that will describe this step from Microsoft as a potential beneficial one.


Change of user experience

One of the most obvious reasons that seem logical for this step is the fact that Microsoft is trying to gear up its equipment for a shift in their smart phone technology and offer a new partnership to its potential partners. The user experience was one of the key factors that led to the failure of its smart phone operating software and now a change in the user experience might open up new exciting avenues as well as possibilities for them. This will really make some exciting news in the smart phone industry near future if Microsoft is really working on something big of that sort.

A new phone in the picture

Another logical rationale to this step could be the fact that Microsoft is now trying to take the sole responsibility of creating its own smart phones rather than surviving on alliance or being a software provider. It wants to own everything from the design, to the user experience to software development and wishes to have specialized people on board to make sure the job is perfectly done. If Microsoft brings in a new phone in the market, its first biggest challenge would be to make a name against Google phones which are already under the caution. This will also mean a huge risk for Microsoft as it will be the first time they will be doing this.

Possible new operating software

There are high chances that Microsoft might be coming up with completely different operating software that will change the way smart phones operate on a normal Android screen.

A new app or app launcher

There is a very solid chance that Microsoft is going to work on some new kind of app development or launcher which will have an amazing user experience based app available for smart phone users.