Facts That Show Just How Much Technology Has Evolved

At the moment, we live in the most technologically advanced era that has ever existed. It is so advanced that we take technology for granted in the twenty-first century. Can anyone remember a time when they didn’t bother about leaving their mobile phone at home? At Techcing, we think that is a big deal, which is why we are celebrating. Hooray! Here are a few facts that show just how far technology has come in the past couple of decades.


Life Expectancy Has Increased More Than At Any Other Time

Health is a big issue. We want to live for as long as possible because life is precious, and so are the people we say it with. Thankfully, the past fifty years has seen a massive shift in life expectancy. In 1950, the average life expectancy was at a measly 47. Today, it is at a whopping 70, and it is only getting higher. There is no doubt that technology is the deciding factor.

Everyone Has A Mobile Phone

In the 1990s, mobile phones were rare. If you owned one, you were in an exclusive club and were probably a millionaire. Now, over five billion people are thought to own a mobile device of some kind. Technology has become so common that it has permeated the entire world.

It Reaches The Far Corners Of The Earth

Rightly or wrongly, we often think of places outside of our bubble as lesser developed places. In the past, that might have been true. However, technology has affected that many people and places that almost everywhere on the planet is accessible. Not only can you visit these far-flung places, but you can also talk to your loved ones back home as if they were sat next to you.

It Used Throughout Transport & Security

Technology has come that far that we rely on it for our most basic needs. The two main examples are security and transport. When you go to an airport and get checked for security purposes, they use electronic devices. And, when it comes to transport technology has a monopoly. Aircrafts use electronic gadgets to plan the route and get safely from A to B. Boats and ships, on the other hand, have sonar to detect nearby objects and dangers. A lot of ships also use Oil and Gas software to take care of their engineering needs.

We Have A Better Understanding Of The World

In the past, people thought the world was flat. And, if you think that is a good laugh, there were still people who thought we were the centre of the universe well into the twentieth century. Now, our view of the world and the universe is much clearer.

And, We Can Better Plan For The Future

With better technology, we have become aware of the damage we are doing as a race. Today, we are striving to fix that by being more environmentally friendly.
As we have become more advanced technologically, we have become more advanced as a group of people. From our point of view, that is worth celebrating.