Destiny 2: What’s the Fastest Way To Reach Max Power?

Reaching the maximum power level in Destiny 2 is an arduous yet rewarding journey every seasoned Guardian undertakes whenever a new expansion launches. With each DLC drop, the hard power cap gets raised, normally by 50 or so levels, initiating a fresh race to the new pinnacle ceiling.

For dedicated players seeking to hit the new threshold quickly in order to experience endgame activities, the grind can feel daunting. The path from soft cap to powerful cap and eventually pinnacle cap requires countless hours of grinding bounties, challenges, quests, and activities across PvE and PvP.

However, while the road to max power is long, there are ways to optimize your efforts and reach the cap in the most efficient ways possible. Prioritizing certain milestones, infusing strategically, monitoring vendors, leveraging XP bonuses, and pacing yourself can help you power level far faster than just blind grinding.

For PvE players eager to be raid or dungeon ready, and PvP mains hungry to compete in Trials and Iron Banner, getting under the level cap quickly is key. Reaching max power opens up builds, loadouts and activities that make Destiny 2’s endgame such a rewarding experience.

This guide will break down all the tips and strategies dedicated Guardians should use to blast through the soft and powerful caps to hit max power in Destiny 2 fast. By focusing your efforts on targeted activities, smart infusion, fireteams and pacing, you can shave off valuable time on your journey to the hard cap summit. Let’s optimize your grind!

Focus on Powerful and Pinnacle Reward Activities

The core of leveling up your power is completing activities that reward Powerful and Pinnacle drops. These special engrams will drop gear higher than your overall power level, incrementally boosting you up. Be sure to do all the Powerful reward challenges available on Director each week.

Prioritize Pinnacle sources like raids, 100k Nightfall, and seasonal challenges whenever possible as these offer the largest PL jumps. Using Destiny optimizer tools can help you figure out the most efficient order. Don’t worry about XP, just focus on chasing powerfuls/pinnacles across all activities.

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Infuse Strategically

When decrypting Powerful and Pinnacle drops, be strategic about when you infuse the higher PL gear into your current items. Infusing too quickly can sometimes limit your potential gains. Aim to only infuse when you get a bigger power level increase or need to raise a weak slot holding you back.

Also, don’t blow upgrade modules on infusion until you get close to max cap. Save your precious resources until the end. Patience early on will pay off in the long run.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Power Bonuses

Each new Destiny 2 season offers Power bonus levels from the seasonal artifact to add to your overall power. Grinding XP will unlock more of these bonus levels, so taking advantage of XP boosts from seasonal challenges, bounties and fireteam members with shared Wisdom will speed up your artifact power gains.

This will help plug lower gear slots and gets you over humps. Unlock artifact power bonuses regularly throughout your journey to max power.

Leverage Vendors and Xur

Check vendor rewards and Xur’s inventory each week for possible power level upgrades. Banshee, Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, and the Planetary vendors can offer high stat gear or weapons potentially above your overall power. Xur also sells Exotic armor at-level that may fill a weak slot.

Smart use of these vendors, once you get to the powerful cap, can help inch you closer to the hard pinnacle cap. They offer opportunities to fill gaps before tackling pinnacles.

Don’t Waste Upgrade Modules

As mentioned before, don’t waste Upgrade Modules on infusing gear until you get very close to max power. These valuable items are needed to masterwork weapons and upgrade exotics. Since infusion requires 1 Upgrade Module per item, they can disappear fast.

Save your precious upgrade materials specifically for the endgame when you need to squeeze out those last few levels. Infuse conservatively early on whenever you get a significant boost.

For example, if your overall power is 1280 but your energy weapon is lagging at 1275, don’t rush to infuse a 1278 energy weapon into it. Hold off until you get a1280+ drop, otherwise, you’ll burn resources for minimal gains.

Be patient and use infusion sparingly and wisely. Keep grinding for powerful drops until you get something considerably higher. Infuse big jumps only. Resist the urge to max out each piece early in the climb.

Stick to One Character If Possible

Leveling one character to max power first is faster since all weapon drops scale to your highest overall power level. You can transfer leveled weapons to alternate characters to boost their power later. Jumping between multiple characters can slow overall progress. Focus on one first.

Find Fireteams for Shared Wisdom

Playing activities in a fireteam with others utilizing the Shared Wisdom XP buff helps increase your seasonal artifact power. Even if you play solo, try finding a group in team chat to share wisdom and bonus XP to unlock those free power levels faster.

Take Breaks and Avoid Burnout

The power grind can be long and tedious. Take breaks between grinding sessions to avoid burnout. Step away and come back refreshed. Forcing yourself to play when frustrated will only feel more tedious. Short breaks keep your mind focused.

With the launch of each new Destiny 2 expansion the power cap gets raised, initiating a fresh grind to max level. Using these tips can help dedicated Guardians optimize their journey to the hard cap in the most time-efficient ways possible. Monitor your milestones, infuse smartly, grab vendor upgrades, leverage XP buffs and focus on one character at a time. Take advantage of every power boost available to reach the pinnacle cap quickly and craft your perfect endgame build.