Automatic Espresso Machines – Fully or Semi Automatic

Taking about espresso machines, there are two key options for you to choose from. One is a semi automatic espresso machine or super automatic espresso machine and the other one is a fully automatic espresso machine.

Difference between Automatic or Semi automatic Espresso Machines

Area of Usage

In the past, automatic espresso machines were synonymous to commercial settings like coffee houses and the semi automatic espresso machines were used in the households. Today the fully automatic coffee machines are prevalent in the household kitchens too. Thus this difference between the two is largely eliminated.

Participation of User

The semi-automatic or the super automatic espresso machine requires some degree of participation from the user. In the semi automatic espresso machines, the user will have to initiate the first hand process of the espresso machine until the automatic portion of the process follows. After the brewing process is complete, the user should turn off the espresso machine. The fully automatic espresso machines do not require any participation from the user’s end. The machine in itself is complete to handle all the steps of espresso making.


Cost Analysis

The semi automatic espresso machines are comparatively cheaper when compared to the fully automatic espresso machines.

Size of Espresso Machines

Semi automatic espresso machines are smaller in size when compared to the automatic espresso machines.


The automatic espresso machines have its own set of sequenced coordinating system of extractor, grinder and water. This adds on to the complexity of such coffee machines. On the other hand, the semi automatic espresso machines do not have a higher level of complexity.

Which Espresso Machine to choose?

The first step in choosing the type of espresso machine is determining which type of espresso machine will best suit your needs. If your usage is largely commercial, then opting for the fully automatic espresso machine will be viable. Such machines do not require user participation and hold the ability to deliver a higher degree of espresso at a fast rate.

In case you have to use the espresso machine in the home environment only, then a semi automatic espresso machine will be viable. Such espresso machines are not too pricey and work incredibly well in the home kitchen. On most online portals, you can find a semi automatic espresso machine for a sum of $150 dollars or even lower.

After, you have decided the type of automatic espresso machine to buy, next you’ll have to do some research on the internet to find the specific brand, machine or style of espresso machine. Here you can use your own criteria such as price as well as the features that you want in your espresso machine. Working this together, you can definitely find an espresso machine that suits you the best.

Tips to find the best espresso machines

Here are few tips that will ensure that you get the best espresso machine

  • Water Supply: Opt for an espresso machine that comes with its own set of tank or water reservoir. When you have in built water reservoir, you no longer have to connect your machine to a water line. In order to avoid too much research in this process, buy an espresso machine that can withhold some 32 ounces of water. In such a case, you’ll not have to refill the machine again and again.
  • Number of Cups: Consider how many cups of espresso you plan to make with your machine. A lot of new models of home espresso machines are capable of making only one cup of espresso at a time. Such machines are referred to as one cup espresso makers or probably single cup espresso makers. For more number of cups, you’ll have to make a choice accordingly.
  • Warm Up Time: Next, you have to consider the amount of time an espresso machine takes to warm up. Opt for an espresso machine that takes minimum time to warm up.
  • Steaming Methods: Steaming methods of different espresso machines is usually variable and may be different from espresso to another. Opt for a machine that would not require you to add water into the milk during its steaming process. Thus, opt for a machine with a dry steamer.


Hopefully after understanding the types of espresso machines and the difference between the two types of espresso machines, along with its features, finding the right espresso machine will not be difficult any more.