AskMe Review: The Bapp of all apps

When Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd decided to launch ASKME back in 2011, they may not have thought this app will become an amazing source of info about the city in several years then. Now, ASKME had became a chief topic of discussion among Smartphone users and techies, due to the productive attribute and instinctive design that ASKME offers. In this post, we would like to bring you a simple yet complete review of ASKME. We do hope that, after reading this review, you are going to have a clearer notion about ASKME also as whether you should use ASKME in your Android Smartphones. It should, however, be noted that iOS users can expect an app from ASKME shortly, and it is advised to depend upon web-based interface of ASKME until launching of that iOS counterpart. As the first portion of the review, additionally contemplating what you may want to understand, we’ll let you know what all things are possible using ASKME.


What is ASKME?

Well, we cannot include the full list in this article, because, either indirectly or directly, ASKME helps you do a number of jobs. Some of these jobs have been mentioned below. We’re sure these attributes will be rather helpful for a Smartphone user whos a techie or not. You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

AskMe Features:

  • It Lets You Know about Local Companies: Your city will be having a huge number of local businesses in it! You might be familiar with some of them and you will think about others only when there appears a necessity. However, ASKME always have an intuitive directory of company around a city! Using this directory, you can grab all kinds of companies you’re looking for or required information about a particular company. For instance, when you want to have food, you can hunt ASKME for resorts or for restaurants, and the program will bring you a list of restaurants around you in an intuitive way that you’ll have the ability to contact the business right from the program as well as knowing address, photos, reviews, payment procedures, catalogues etc. To put it differently, in view of a customer, you can know everything you must understand about a local business in your city.
  • It allows you to Purchase Products Online: Team behind ASKME has set up an online store, askmeBazaar, inside ASKME App for Android, and users are going to have the ability to purchase assortment of products from this store without leaving the app. Despite the fact that the shop can be found via a web-based interface, the app is strong enough to let gadgets, apparels, are purchased by you
  • Post and View Advertisements: There’s a special section in ASKME that’s dedicated for classified advertisements. While it is possible to post your own ads as one who demands [You might have to go through a confirmation procedure to view that advertisement in sites and ASKME program ], you can see others’ advertisements in the ‘Advertisements’ tab of search results. For instance, if you did hunt for hotels, you can see ads fitting that tag in results page.

What we think of UI?

In our perspective, its maximum has been done by ASKME in keeping User Interface of the program minimal however effective. As one remarkable addition to usability of program, that screen does not fill with irritating ad.

Decision Time

We think ASKME is one of the finest app for Indian Android Smartphone Users, who desires a company to let you know about businesses that are around your city. Truly, the intuitive UI makes everything simpler! What exactlyis your opinion relating to this app? We’ll adore to learn from you.

Download this wonderful AskMe Android app from Google Play Store.