Is android monitoring software remote installation possible?

People often ask if remote installation of monitoring software is real and actually works. There are a number of apps in the monitoring spectrum that claim remote installation.

All it takes for some unscrupulous attacker to make commands to the target device is through remotely installing the software when an internet connection is available. This is possible when the target uses an iPhone since a non-jailbreak iPhone requires only iCloud login credentials for spying. No installation is required at all. However, the technology is not yet available for android devices whether rooted or unrooted. So any app that claims to offer this service in an android phone is either a scam or even worse, a malware that will steal your personal information.


Reasons for no remote installation

Remote installing technology is simply not available in the android phones. The user must have physical access to the phone to install the software before he begins spying. Here are some reasons why android monitoring software remote installation is not a possibility yet.

  1. There are certain steps involved in setting up a spy software in an android phone. These steps involve human interaction with technology. The procedure for installation requires human activity such as installing the app, giving permissions for login and access, downloading it, etc.
  2. Some android phones need to be rooted. Now you cannot remotely root an unrooted phone. For spying, a rooted android phone provides an extensive range of spy features. Therefore, it is recommended that android phones must be rooted for advanced monitoring. This procedure also cannot be performed remotely.
  3. Some monitoring apps require change in keyboard settings when installation process takes place. There is no app that can remotely make changes to the target phone’s keyboard so it has to be done manually by the user.
  4. In some countries and states, remote installation is a crime. It is against the privacy laws to secretly spy on someone using their cell phone, which if violated, can result in severe penalty.

Spy on cellphone without having access to it

Though android monitoring software remote installation is not possible, but remote spying is a completely different matter. This permission-less spying means that you don’t have to snoop into someone’s tech gadget to access their information. Instead, a spying app will allow you to remotely view all their activities through the web-based control panel of the app. This online console transfers all the data from the target android phone to the user device so that they can have live updates of the recent activities of a person tracked through their mobile phone.

In the current techno-digital era, you don’t need to physical spy on a person by following them or checking their possessions. Simply install a spy app into their phone and track their every movement. Since the word ‘spying’ generally implies tracking a person without letting them know, these remote spy apps best serve the purpose. Once installed, you can also make remote commands to the spy app to perform some functions. These may include locking the target phone screen, wipe off data from target phone, block certain apps, and take live screenshots of the phone. You can make these commands to the control panel of the spy app which will then take necessary measures to perform the required task.

Using a spy app, you can remotely listen to live phone calls of your target and record them for later need. Also, you can view the texts and chats, monitor call records, read emails, ensure location tracking etc. Thus, real-time monitoring and reporting takes place through remote spying.