All about Apple, MacBook, and the insurance of MacBook you need for the safety

Today in this article we are going to do an in-depth study on the different MacBook insurance schemes but before we know about that we should provide you with an idea of what a MacBook is and where does it come from. We all know that MacBook is a product of one of the biggest electronic devices company Apple which is a company of the United States of America.

It was in the year 1976 that the company named Apple was founded by the efforts of three people named Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. The company produces or you can say manufactures all kinds of electronic devices including mobiles, computers, earphones which are wireless and even with wire and the thing we are going to talk about today which is the company’s own version of a laptop popularly known as a MacBook.

What is a MacBook and what makes a MacBook special?

MacBook is one of the products that Apple produces in its region of Macintosh notebooks. These laptops are called MacBooks because they do not use the most common operating system which is windows or even operating systems like Linux. Apple has its own operating system called Mac. All of the electronic devices of the multi-national company named Apple uses the same operating system that is the Mac.

About the part that makes a MacBook special we have to mention that you will not see much difference between a normal laptop and a MacBook. The difference from the external view that you can see is that a MacBook’s design is different than a normal laptop and the other one which is already mentioned in the first para that unlike other laptops a MacBook runs on a different operating system that is Mac. Now let us say why there is so much craze of a MacBook among the privileged, the main reason is that Mac as an operating system is much more protected and harder to be accessed by hackers hence keeping your privacy safe. This helps people to keep their bank accounts safe and even keep them much more protected while doing online transactions.

What is MacBook insurance?

Just like car insurance or any other kind of insurance the insurance of MacBook is the same. It is for giving the customers a belief that their expensive MacBook will be safe and that the company has believed in its own products which they are selling and marketing by investing so much money. The products are of high cost and hence it is a one-time money investment for many people and this MacBook insurance helps them to repair the product or replace it if any kind of error occurs in the product for a low price.

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The different issues that the insurance of MacBook covers

There are many things and errors. The plans of MacBook insurance covers and some of the damages that the insurance plans of MacBook do not cover. In this segment, we are going to talk about the things that are covered by the MacBook insurance. If any damage is caused to a customer’s MacBook because of any unintentional accident which includes damage through physical contact or damage because of fluids. These plans are basically Damage Protection plan.

When is the MacBook insurance functional?

The conditions under which these MacBook insurance functions are also important for a customer to know about. So the conditions are as follows:

  • Coverage plan is applicable for one year of the purchase of the MacBook insurance. That is from the day of purchasing the insurance plan till the day the plan completed twelve months that is one year.
  • As soon as the user purchases the MacBook they have fifteen days after that purchase to buy the insurance plan if the fifteen days are over then they cannot purchase the insurance plan.
  • The number of times a customer requests for a free repair within the perks of the insurance depends on the amount that is being used in the insurance. If the whole amount of the insurance is already expended then the insurance plan will not continue meaning that the insurance plan will not exist anymore.
  • If a customer request any kind of repair which is beyond economic repair then the insurance will end and cannot be renewed under any condition.
  • Regarding who is the actual beneficiary of the insurance plan it is said that the person whose name is registered in the official documents of the company is surely one and apart from them anyone among their family members can use this beneficiary advantage for them.
  • If the devices are bought by any big company or an organization then the people who are connected to the company in any way can also access the beneficiary services of the insurance.


All the information that is provided in the article about MacBook insurance is a must-know before buying the product.